Newbold takes GA reins

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Andrew Newbold, president of New Golf Australia.

Andrew Newbold is the new president of Golf Australia.

Newbold has taken charge of the highly regarded John Hopkins who has resigned from his position as he held the position for more than eight years as part of more than 30 years of involvement in golf management at club, state, national and international levels.

"John has been exemplary in his service to the sport and has overseen a period of major changes in the Australian golf landscape," said Mr. Newbold.

"He has played a pioneering role in many important decisions and has always done himself – and the country he represents – pride.

"I look forward to continuing the good work that John and his board have driven."

Mr. Hopkins will resign from the board when his term expires in November this year, but remains active in golf administration at the international level. He is the representative of Australia on the board of the Asia Pacific Golf Confederation and the chairman of the championship committee.

Newbold, like Mr Hopkins, a lawyer by profession, is considered one of the most progressive sports managers in Australia.

An avid golfer and entrepreneur, he is also a board member and chairman of various other companies, a commissioner at the Australian Football League and a former president and member of the life of the Hawthorn Football Club.

Newbold said he was enthusiastic about the task ahead of him

"Golf Australia plays an incredibly important role in the future of the sport and I am very happy that I can help steer the ship," he said.

"There are some great people involved at all levels of the game and we have already started implementing a series of long-term programs to engage all those passionate and interested in golf.

"One of the most important components of this is the progress towards OneGolf and while clear direct costs have been incurred for delivering such important programs, many of the expenses we will make this year are a down payment for us to streamline, cost-effective model for golf in the future.

"I look forward to working with our council and CEO Stephen Pitt and his team on the promise we all know that golf has in our community."

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