Paul Casey still strives for a major and the Olympic Games

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Do you already feel that finite quality of the remaining time in your career?

I don & # 39; t have the physical properties maybe i had 10 or 15 years ago but i am still physically gifted. But yes, I am aware of it. I don't worry too much. I actually see it more as a challenge. I was the oldest at the Tour Championship this year. I would like to be the oldest to win majors and W.G.C. [World Golf Championships] events.

You have victories around the world, but only three in the United States. Did you expect to have had more in the US? Cialis19459003 {cialis19459004 cialis cialis19459001 1943 it would be nice, but you have to remember that there was a terrible long time in my career in which I played two tours. The only events I played in the US were the majors, W.G.C., Players Championship, Bay Hill, Memorial. And guess who won all of them? Yes, I would like more wins, but I am very proud and happy that I played in the era of the dominance of Tiger Woods.

What have you not yet achieved in the game that you have still achieved?

Put me down in another five years and go, "You won this, but you didn't win it, what do you think?" I don't know that will all disturb me. For me it's how I behaved as a person and a golfer.

I think I will be very satisfied if I worked as hard as I could, had fun on the road, entertained people, gave to charity. That is how I am going to measure it. If I win five more times in the next three years, including a big, great one. But if I am not happy with it and I do not help others along the way, what is the use of it?

If you finish without a main subject, it sounds like you've won & # 39;

It is incredibly flattering when people go: "Paul Casey is one of the best players in the world who has not won a major." But I'd rather be a man who doesn't win a major and is a good guy. I have had ups and downs in this game. There were years ago that I thought I lost my golf game and would not get it back.

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