PGA Championship: John Daly drives a golf major over knee-call

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John Daly may ride a cart on the 50-and-over Champions Tour

American golf chiefs say they will meet John Daly to report where he "can go and can't go" when he uses a golf cart on the PGA championship of this week.

The 53-year-old has received a special dispensation to ride the buggy instead of walking around the Bethpage Black course in New York.

The PGA of America gave Daly permission because he has a knee problem.

Officer Kerry Haigh, the head champion, said a committee "had agreed to justify the use of a golf cart."

He explained: "We have a clause for ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act) purposes in the sense that any player who has an ADA problem or problem can submit a request and the reasons for the exemption. give what he or she wants to sign up for. "

Haigh said he would now meet Daly to" just talk where he can go and can't go ".

"Obviously there are some places on this golf course where you can't get a golf cart. We try and use common sense, which is reasonable, which is fair for the protection of both the player and those issues, as well as playing a large championship. "

Daly, the 1995 Open champion, regularly rides a shopping cart in the 50-and-over Champions Tour, where it is permitted.

But PGA of America, chief executive officer Seth Waugh, said the car could cause more problems than solutions for Daly on this year's PGA Championship course.

He said, "I think it's one of those places where a cart is actually less convenient than walking.

" Where the carts go is interesting, nonetheless, because it isn't is set up that way. "

News of Daly's exemption for the second major of the year was announced last week when it was questioned by six-fold major champion Sir Nick Faldo, who said," I think walking is an integral part be a professional golfer, I will leave it at that. "

And on Tuesday, Tiger Woods, who won the Masters, the first major of the year, in April, was also asked about the issue.

" Well, I had a broken leg , "he said, referring to the final round of his 2008 US Open victory.

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