Plum Quick Motors – How good are their golf car engines?

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Plum Quick Motors had been busy with me for a few days. I had wanted to upgrade my EZGO golf cart to get some more out of the thing.

I did not know much about how to upgrade my golf cart. I started reading a few of the many golf cart forums to get more information. I was looking for what I had to do to get more speed from my EZGO.

After adding a speed chip to my cart, the next place I was running was upgrading the engine. There seem to be three important choices when upgrading golf cart engines. You could go with EMP, D & D Motor Systems or Plum Quick Motors. All three companies had a good reputation and a lot of engine choices for my EZGO PDS golf cart.

Once I narrowed him down to those three, I checked where the companies were. I was happy to discover that Plum Quick Motors was just the next city in Fort Mill SC. The next mourning I went into my car and went to Plum Quick.

When I arrived at the family business, I was greeted by Robby Steen, one of the two brothers who built the custom engines. I told him what I wanted my golf car to be able to do and within ten minutes he had discussed everything I needed to achieve my goal.

I chose the modified golf cart engine and wiring upgrade I needed it and was on my way home. Before it was dark, I had installed my new Plum Quick motor and upgraded my battery cables to 4ga to let the power flow. With a little help from my wife we ​​did it all in less than 3 hours and we were shaking away from the neighborhood with my new top speed of 27 mph.

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