PODCAST # 116: Tiger, Curtis, Pres Cup

Posted by on August 20, 2019  /   Posted in golf news

As presidential Cup teams and selections become the talk of the city, we listen to Tiger Woods discussing the big problem – will he or will he not play in Melbourne?

Hosts Andy Maher, Mark Hayes and Martin Blake dissect Adam Scott's debate about the distance debate and then chat with Curtis Luck from Idaho, where he hopes to add to that one toe back he already has back in the PGA Tour.

And while we're busy with secondary drama and drama & # 39; s drama, we're reviving a nightmare finish for another Aussie, Jamie Arnold, who coldly dropped his own golden PGA ticket in the final holes on Sunday.

Throw the new president of Golf Australia, the Asian Tour winner Andrew Dodt, Karl Vilips, Karis Davidson and more, and it's another action-packed episode.


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