Precision Pro NX7 Pro Review: everything you're looking for in a rangefinder

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I am always looking for products that offer the same performance, but at a lower cost, because I know how expensive this game can be. In recent years, many wave technology gadgets have dropped significantly – an area is especially with distance meters. While companies like Bushnell are still asking big dollars for their products, there is a crop of budget-friendly distance meters with a good reputation. One company, in particular, is Precision Pro Golf.

They have been there for a few years now and their line distance gauges have positive reviews everywhere. The best part is that they only cost between $ 149- $ 249.

Recently I got the chance to test their flagship model – the NX7 Pro. It offers all the bells and whistles that have premium distance meters, such as adaptive incline measurements, but at much lower costs. Moreover, the company offers a number of guarantees that go beyond what I have seen from other golf manufacturers.

Most distance meters work well on this point

If you go to Amazon now (let's face it, we're all doing our purchases now), you'll see a lot of distance meters available. Premium options are available from companies such as Bushnell and Leupold that cost more than $ 399 or more.

However, the growth on the market is at the bottom. Brands such as Precision Pro, GolfBuddy, TecTecTec and several others all compete against the price of $ 249 and below.

Apart from the dark, cheap imports, you will notice that many of these products will measure the pin distance for you quickly and accurately. I have been using the GolfBuddy LR5 for quite some time and it works fine.

However, when most golfers think of range finder, their thoughts immediately go to Bushnell. Why? To begin with, they have been in the industry forever, they are one of the pioneers and they make great products. Moreover, you see their commercials with golfers such as Rickie Fowler on TV. However, there are costs associated with all those brands and it is ingrained in their products.

If you can see beyond the surf, you have a hard time finding out what a Bushnell does better than some distance meters that cost more than 50% less.

The Precision Pro NX7 Pro

Precision Pro has managed to separate itself a bit in the value category. If you search their Amazon list for their flagship product NX7 Pro, the reviews are overwhelmingly positive, so I was interested to try it out.

For $ 249 this is their most expensive product and has many of the premium features the Bushnell V4 has, but for $ 150 less.

After I've used it, I see why golfers are so happy with the performance. It is light, offers incredibly clear images and quickly locks onto the target.

In addition, it has adaptive slope technology, which influences the change in height of your stroke. This was the first time that I used a rangefinder that affects the slope to your yardage. It is very useful for courses such as mine that have a lot of height differences. What I like is that it is a legal tournament and that the slope function can be switched off at the touch of a button. I play anywhere between 10-20 competition rounds a year, so this is an important function for me.

The story is long, the NX7 Pro does its job and it does very well. You can not do too much to separate yourself in this category, but for the collection of functions and the price it is difficult to beat the value here.

The Bigger Value

A problem that golfers may encounter with budget technology products is not necessarily how well the unit works, but its longevity and durability. You can buy a rangefinder for less than $ 100, but what do you do if it stops after working three times? You will probably have little recourse to the manufacturer and hope that the seller who sold it will do the right thing.

This is where Precision Pro separated itself (cleverly). They stand behind their products in a way that I have not really seen from many other golf companies.

If you purchase their NX7 or NX7 Pro rangefinder, you will have access to their "Precision Care package". The advantages include:

90-day money-back guarantee
30% Exchange fee if you want to upgrade in the future
2 year warranty
They send you a new battery when yours runs out

No other company offers this kind of service or guarantee at this price level or even above. When you visit their website, there is a customer service number and all representatives of the company are clearly displayed with contact details.

This is refreshing to see and really shows that they stand behind their products and really care about their customers.

Put it on the list

I have reviewed a lot of products on this website in recent years. My goal is to give everyone honest feedback, help you save money and discover brands you may never have heard of.

Precision Pro checks everything on my list. You get performance, value and peace of mind that someone stands behind what you have bought.

They currently have three odometer available: the Nexus ($ 149), NX7 ($ 199) and NX7 Pro ($ 249). You can compare their characteristics here on their website.

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