PuttOut Putting Mirror Review: a popular training aid gets an impressive makeover

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The market for golf training aid is brutal. There are many products out there, and most of them fail to create a viable business. Moreover, golfers are endlessly disappointed because companies make such great promises and generally fail to deliver. I pay a lot of attention to what is, and usually I do not write too often about training tools because there is not too much I recommend.

A few years ago PuttOut Golf caught my attention when they launched their Pressure Putt Trainer. When I first saw it at the PGA show, there was something in the design that made me believe that golfers would like to use it (and it could help to practice more often). Although most of my predictions do not come true, they quickly established themselves as one of the leaders on the putting market.

A few years later the Pressure Putt Trainer and their well mat are extremely popular. It is proof of their marketing, but especially because their design team succeeds in making unique products that engage golfers.

PuttOut Golf is back with another important release – their view of the putting mirror. I got the chance to talk to the design team during the PGA Show and try out the product for a number of weeks. Long story short, I think it's another winner. They have succeeded in taking a ubiquitous training tool, making it better and adding new elements in a creative way.

Why use a well mirror

If you go to Amazon now, there are a lot of mirrors. Most of them are cheap knockoffs from original designs from companies such as EyeLine. The reason that mirrors have become so popular is because they can help golfers determine a repeatable posture and help to sharpen their putting stroke.

In the past 18 months I used this mirror from SeeMore Putters. It has helped me to adopt a more efficient posture, where my head and eyes go over the ball and also my alignment of the shoulders. Moreover, it has some subtle visual clues for my putting stroke. So I bought the concept of placing mirrors in general.

Theirs Is Completedely Unique

During the PGA show I spoke with one of the main designers of PuttOut Golf. It took him about 10-15 minutes to explain all the different design elements that were used to make their putting mirror. Their team took every little detail on existing mirrors and devised long and deep what they could do better. Two main objectives were to prevent the mirror from warping over time and sliding away on different surfaces.

I will try to summarize some of the most important points – there are quite a few.

I will start with the basis. Instead of using cheaper plastic that can deform in the course of time, the inner plate of the PuttOut mirror is made of steel. The reason is twofold: to provide a stronger, more durable material and to serve as a magnet for their plastic barriers. The mirror itself has an anti-scratch material that prevents wear that could develop over time and obscure your vision.

One of my favorite features is the bottom of the mirror. There are tons of small spikes that prevent the mirror from sliding on almost any surface. One of my complaints with other putting mirrors is that they can easily lose their position if the putter makes contact with them. If that was not enough, there are also small holes in the back of the mirror that you can cut to attach it to a putting green.

A look at the base of the mirror

Wait, I'm not done yet ….

One of the most important distinguishing factors of their mirror and perhaps the most useful feature of it are the magnetic rubber gates. You can adjust them as wide and as narrow as you want to recreate the port drill that has made players like Tiger Woods popular over the years (they use two tees in the ground). It is intended to help you compact your putter face through the impact zone.

The package also comes with a metal fence that offers an extra challenge to hit your first starting line or as a target ahead on your path.

Finally, the mirror itself has many visual guides to help with your eye position, shoulder alignment and your puttingslag. If that was not enough, they even made a small notch where the ball is, so that your putter can sit closer to the ball (one of my biggest complaints with other mirrors).

OK … that's a lot, let's see how it performs

I Love the Magnetic Gates

In recent weeks I have done the exercises with the PuttOut mirror at home. In general, I am deeply impressed.

My favorite feature is the rubber conductor that connects magnetically to the surface. I have long been a fan of a product called TIBA Putt, which offered similar guidance to help you get started, and PuttOut has managed to incorporate a similar design.

You can adjust the guidelines as wide or narrow as you want. The nice thing is that there are numbered rules with which you can remember your position. You can start wider, and as you move your putting stroke back and through the fences, you can start to reduce them without much contact. The magnets make everything easier because you can adjust to the dimensions of your putter, and if you throw them out of the way, you can easily put them back.

Because the entire surface is magnetized, you can also become creative and place elsewhere to work on different elements of your battle. Recently, a video of Jordan Spieth in the WGC Mexico was published by him using the mirror with two sets of plastic guides (not a word from PuttOut yet about purchasing an extra set separately).

So … guess who this is with our new Putting Mirror?

TIP: this is us now: ?

(Shout for kharms27 on Insta for this!) Pic.twitter.com/81R6g6nWV5

– PuttOUT (@puttoutgolf) February 20, 2019

The Mirror

The mirror itself functions … well, as a mirror. You can see where your eyes are and depending on your posture you can also see your shoulders. Although I would not say that there is a correct eye and shoulder position for all golfers, you can start setting up a repeatable setup. Almost every golfer (even the pros) begins to change their attitude and attitude over time without realizing it. I tend to move away from the ball with my eyes and the use of a mirror is a good reminder to help restore my position. The provided lines and marking on the mirror help to set positions that you can remember, and also provide a guide for your stroke.

Finally, the small notch around the ball is a great touch. Most of the other mirrors I have used make it difficult to hit the ball to the center of the face because the surface is lifted off the ground. The PuttOUT mirror makes you feel like you're beating putts, normally because the ball is vertically closer to the face.

The target gate is a bit challenging

The placement of gates has become a very popular training aid, especially among the pro & # 39; s lately. That instructor Phil Kenyon made them popular with his Visio Putting training packages. The point of the putting gate is to help give feedback on your ability to hit your starting line.

The PuttOut mirror package contains a port that can be placed immediately in front of your line or further away. It was my first time working with a putting gate, and to be honest, they are pretty challenging! I noticed that I encountered one of the parties on many putts, and this is a feature that some golfers may find frustrating.

The PuttOut team told me that they could change the sizes in the future. My recommendation would be to have a larger gate, or maybe several with different dimensions to meet the challenge.

I think your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the gate depends on your skill level and your determination in practice. Anyhow, working together can yield valuable feedback.

On the whole it is a winner

I think the team at PuttOut nailed it again. There are so many new and interesting features in this mirror package that it is a great practice for golfers who want to work on their putting or golf course.

They are quietly building a fun putting empire in London. With the Pressure Trainer, their puttingmat and now this mirror – they quickly made an impressive brand. Their attention to detail and design quality are among the best in the golf industry. They have also managed to create an enthusiastic fan base through a smart social media campaign – another aspect of marketing where many smaller golf brands are struggling. I have seen a prototype for their next release during the PGA Show, and I think golfers will like that too.

The PuttOut mirror is currently priced at $ 74.99, which certainly places it in the premium class. If you take into account the unique design elements, the quality of materials and versatility in practice, I think it's a fair price based on the market. If you want to buy the entire PuttOut eco-environment, it will cost you just under $ 200.

The new PuttOUT mirror is sold online via Amazon and you can purchase it via this link.

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