Rating EPEC Junior Golf clubs: equipment that grows with your children

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When a child starts a new activity, parents often have the same headache. Whether it is dancing, hockey or golf, there are many costs associated with the required equipment. My daughter took ballet last year and I was shocked by the price tag of her dance recitals outfits. She is growing faster than a weed, so everything she wore no longer fits and we have to replace everything for the coming year. Growing children equals more money invested.

The problem is particularly relevant in sports such as golf. You want to make sure your kids have the right size clubs, but their needs can change quickly. A company named EPEC Golf recently released a modular set of junior clubs that are trying to solve that problem. Their clubs are adjusted based on the axle size and weight based on your child's requirements, and then they can be adjusted as they grow. It is an interesting value proposition for juniors who continue to play golf throughout their childhood, eliminating the need to buy a new set of clubs every few years.

In an attempt to expose my children to golf, I tried out a number of EPEC clubs. I think one of them will hopefully catch the bug like I did as a kid and want to keep playing, and the clubs can grow with them.

Adapted to grow with your child

When it comes to junior clubs, size and weight are very important. My children don't have the power to make a meaningful swing with my batons, even if they choke down.

Although more and more choices are available for junior clubs, there are not many companies that specialize in guaranteeing the shaft length and weighting of the clubs as your child grows. A company in particular that was highly recommended is US Kids Golf. It is conceivable that a child aged 3 to 12 needs more than three different sets of clubs – oh well!

EPEC has released a modular system that can help solve this problem. Their irons have interchangeable weights that can be adjusted as children develop. They also have eight different shaft lengths for heights ranging from 42 ″ to 66 ″. When you buy clubs on their site, you answer a series of questions about your child's height and skill level to adjust your club choice.

The shafts are light enough for every level of junior golfer

When your child outgrows his current set, you can go to the site to enter their new measurements. EPEC sends a prepaid shipping label and you send the clubs back. They will change the shaft lengths, re-enable the clubs, adjust the weight in irons and send them back.

More $ in front, but you save if your child keeps playing

EPEC makes it very clear what their value proposition is. You pay more in advance for their junior clubs compared to the competition (their sets range from $ 229 to $ 359). However, if your child decides to stay with golf and play for a period when he starts outgrowing his current set, then those are the cost savings. Instead of having to pay the full price for a completely new set of clubs, you only have to spend around $ 75 – $ 85 to have your clubs reassembled by EPEC.

So it creates a little problem. As parents, we know that children can love something one day and forget it the next. Investing in a set of EPEC clubs only saves money if your child plays golf throughout his childhood. However, the losses will not be catastrophic. In most cases I found the EPEC clubs about $ 50 – $ 100 more than the competition.

It is difficult for me to evaluate the performance of the clubs, but they certainly seem to be a premium build. Because my son is a complete beginner, we went with the lightest option that was available. It helped him swing the club more efficiently and increased his pleasure level.

In general, I was impressed by the quality of the clubs and how they matched the size and strength of my son. More importantly, I think they are solving a unique problem that parents have if their children continue to grow and play golf.

More information about EPEC Golf can be found here on their website.

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