Redvanly Review: Premium fabrics + unique design = great clothing

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Every year when I visit the PGA Show, I am often most impressed by the products that small, independent companies create. I try to keep an eye on all new clothing brands, because I know that many of you reading the site are looking for new options outside major brands that get the most attention.

In this article I introduce many of you to the athletic brand Redvanly. Since 2013, they have focused on creating superior fabrics and unique designs for the golf world and beyond. I got the chance to wear a pair of their polos and their different outlook on golf shorts. In general I was very impressed and think they should be on your golf fashion radar.

We can do this better

The start of Redvanly is comparable to many other startups in the golf world (and beyond). They thought they could do something better on the market than what was currently being offered. Co-founders Andrew Redvanly and David Pagana were both post-university athletes who were still active outside of work with sports such as tennis and golf. Their original goal was to make a better golf polo for the demographic market. Eventually they wanted to settle in other sports and activities.

In 2013, they decided that their best chance to compete with the more prominent companies was to invest heavily in fabrics. They were tired of the cheaper feeling of mass products and wanted to know if they could do better. David Pagana, the co-founder of Redvanly, told me that it took a lot of research to learn how to collect resources, make a logo and start the company. The entire process was started from the first day without the help of major investors. As I have discovered at many other starting golf companies, there were many setbacks and learning moments along the way – but almost six years later, their company is starting to get steam.

The first fabric they made was a poly / spandex blend that is currently still present in some of their shirts. Cold calling and networking took several years to grow a network of wholesale accounts to get the company to a point where it could sustain itself. Now that they have a foundation for accounts, they are concentrating on creating new designs and growing the brand online through direct sales through their website.

Standing outside

I was given the opportunity to wear a pair of Redvanly polo shirts on the course and try out their "pull-on" golf shorts. The most impressive thing for me is the quality of their fabrics, which you can read more about here. Moreover, their designs are different from many of the other golf brands you will see there.

My style is a bit more conservative, so I am not prepared to take many chances. Part of the Redvanly line is not for me, but they have a lot of looks that suit the crowd looking for the basics.

The Pierrepont Polo was a logical choice, because it is a largely solid color, but with a few stripes on the collar. This shirt has their PUREpoly, which was their first mix that took almost two years to develop. It is easily one of my favorite materials that I have tried – extremely light, elastic, and it lasts nicely on those wet summer days.

I would have deposited it with Rhoback, which was also one of my favorite golf performance shirts. I prefer to wear this type of polo shirt when I know I am sweating on the job.

I also got a chance to try the Hamilton Polo. At first I wondered if I could draw the stripes on the sleeves, but after a first encouragement from my wife, it is now definitely one of my favorite shirts in my wardrobe. The Hamilton Polo is made from a mixture of polyester and fibers called TENCEL, which is extracted from raw wood. The shirt has many moisture-wicking properties, softness and stretch. It is not as light as the Pierrepont, but it is also a pleasure to swing freely in warmer conditions. The Hamilton is more a fitting style, which I liked because I regularly think that regular golf shirts are a bit too bulky if you want an athletic look.

The latest issue of Redvanly, and perhaps the most unique offering, is their golf short. They claim to be the first ever to play golf and I am not sure I have ever seen another company try this concept. Although it sounds strange, they are fantastic.

One thing that annoys me about clothing sizes are inconsistencies in the waist size. I have tried enough shorts right now to know that all waist sizes are not made equal, even within the same brand. Personally, I don't like the feeling of shorts that are too tight around my waist when I play. I want a little breathing space and comfort. You would never know that the Hanover Golf Shorts have an elastic waist because of their appearance. I chose to wear them with a belt, although I didn't need one.

They are very light and elastic, especially around the waist. You almost feel that you are wearing nothing. Now I know why my wife loved wearing elastic jeans when she was pregnant! They are easily one of my favorite golf shorts I have ever tried. I am not surprised that they have been selling consistently with them since they were released this spring.


In general, I found what I saw from Redvanly. Although not all of their designs are for me, they have enough styles to receive everyone. I give them an A + on their fabrics – in my opinion, what really sets them apart from what I've seen on the golf market. They also have lots of other choices for tennis and other activewear. I should also note that their offer falls into the premium category, so expect to pay a little extra, but I have noticed that you get what you pay for in terms of shirt performance and lifespan.

You can learn more about Redvanly and see their current clothing line here on their website.

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