Scott, Day in Royal Melbourne prelude

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Day and Scott are good friends who could play together in Melbourne. Image: Getty

Jason Day and Adam Scott have confirmed what everyone suspected: their link to the Zurich Classic or New Orleans on TPC Louisiana this week is a harbinger of the Presidential Cup.

International team captain Ernie Els and one of his assistants, Trevor Immelman, are also playing this week and the Scott-Day affair in Queensland is a live opportunity to happen in Royal Melbourne later this year.

Scott said today that he asked Day if he would play with him in Louisiana in the team format of the PGA Tour and that Day would resign.

"I think everyone can bring two and two together," said Scott, whose appearance in Royal Melbourne against the United States from December 12-15 is not yet guaranteed, but probably.

& # 39; Ernie talked to the media about some of his attempts to bring his team together. We are far away. The team is still a long way off, but trying to get as many boys as possible here can help Ernie later in the year.

"And speaking of a man who's not on the team right now, Jason is probably locked up, but I think it's also important that guys like Jason or myself or some of the senior members of the Presidential Cup teams have trouble This is not yet on the schedule and I have gone through many beat downs of the presidents' heads in recent years, and I have had enough of it.

"So I am willing to do whatever it takes, whatever Ernie thinks it needs to change the culture in our team. There has certainly been an effort made by a lot of guys here this week who want to do that, who feel the frustrations. I think Jason probably feels the same, so let's try to reverse it, and if this helps Ernie later in the year, then I'm all for it. & # 39; & # 39;

Day and Scott played together once in the Presidential Cup competition, in four thousand dollars in South Korea in 2015, where they reached half. Scott said he believed they would "make a truly formidable couple" if they met in Melbourne, and he would insist on Els to choose that group.

For today, he admitted today that his performance in previous presidents' heads was poor, citing tiredness and poor posture as the reason for the end of the season. "You can of course see my results in Korea and I was mentally unfortunate enough to be there for the team when I needed it, acting for the team. And it showed in my results, & # 39; & # 39; he said.

The good news is that he wants to turn this around this year, although his back problems are a recurring theme. Revealed to the media today, he had four more epidural injections to get him through the Masters at Augusta National, where he finished in the top five. That followed eight epidurals a few weeks earlier.

Scott was a leader in previous President Cup teams, who appeared eight times for the 2003 Internationals, where they had ties with the US. All seven of his other appearances resulted in losses, but Els & # 39; appointment as captain seems to have given the underdogs a sense of optimism this year.

Said Scott: "I think it's about growing a culture among international players and … and showing everyone who the importance of this tournament comes to mind. When you go against the Americans, and it looks like that their team gets stronger every two years, you can't just blow and think you're going to appear and participate.

"It is very likely that all 12 of their boys can be in the top 20 of the world. I mean, this is a very difficult team – I don't care which course you impose on us – to beat. So I think that it starts from the top with Ernie, changing the way captaincy and assistants, leadership roles work, and filtering from top to bottom by players, and hopefully this is the start of a new kind of feeling among international players The younger boys who are coming must see our team win and how much we can all give. "

Marc Leishman, Cameron Smith and Day are all in the top 10 of the international team position at this stage, with Scott just outside but pushing hard. Els will also have the captains of his captain, who would probably see a veteran like Scott selected, even if he did not automatically qualify.

They try to erase a terrible one-sided record of 10 victories in the US, a draw and an international victory (in 1998).

The Americans have great power. The 10th ranked player in the US team at this stage is Phil Mickelson, who is still ranked 23rd in the world and their team can hold five or six of the world's top 10.

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