Scriviner & # 039; s & # 039; brain fade & # 039; derails expectations

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Jason Scrivener suffered the most brutal cut with a penalty at the most inconvenient moment by derailing his hopes in the ISPS Handa Vic Open

When he played in the last group on 13th Beach as the joint night leader, Scrivener of Western Australia had marked his ball on the short par-four 15th hole and waited for putt for birdie. At that time he was 12-sub-standard, only two shots from the lead.

But officials later said that when his turn came, he picked up his marker without first replacing his ball on the original spot. According to rule 9.7b, this is a one-off penalty.

An emotional Scrivener later said that the incident had come at the end of a "ridiculously long day" and was the result of fatigue. The final group took five hours and 45 minutes to complete their rounds in cruel, windy and wet conditions.

The man from Mandurah continued with the bogey of the 17th hole and finally tipped a four-over par 76.

It leaves him in a tie for the 10th place, five shots of the lead held by South Australia Wade Ormsby.

"I think I was just exhausted," Scrivener said later. "It was such a long day, I do not know how long it was.

"(It was a) Brain fade, yeah, just one of those things you never expected to do, but I do not know, I think there was a lot going through my head, yes, one of those things. ; & # 39;

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