Simon Dyson: Former European top 10 golfer withdraws to focus on coaching

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Simon Dyson enjoyed six victories on the European Tour, two each in 2006, 2009 and 2011

The former European top 10-golfer Simon Dyson reluctantly admitted the defeat to a long-term wrist injury and stopped playing professional golf.

The York-based Yorkshireman, 41, will now concentrate on a coaching job at Mottram Hall in Cheshire.

But after a career that did not get him far from £ 10m in prize money and six European Tour victories, he could not feel more positive.

"I am so excited about this next chapter," he told BBC Radio York.

"It's as if I was back when I first started working on my European Tour map, I'm just looking forward to helping other people improve.

" Whether it's for the monthly medal is or a small touring event, it will still be a good mood for me.

"I have partnered with Mottram Hall and have worked on elite golf performances that are covered everywhere – phy physical, mobility and the mental side.

" I will be exactly at work how far players go to a complete battle with each club. So few really know. And on the psychological side of play, course management, visualization of recordings – especially those you do not like before you hit them. "

Mottram Hall, near Macclesfield, is only 11 km from Manchester Airport

It is a change in the flight path for a career that stole since he first suffered his injury in 2014.

"I clicked a tendon in my hand left wrist," said Dyson. "I had surgery and it healed, but the strength was not the same. I was not the same player when I returned.

"I qualified for a medical exemption from the trip, and then I might come back a bit early because I wanted to come back again.

" But I really did not trust it. It felt like it would go again, I compensated and started swinging badly and got myself in a mess.

"I once tried it during the Challenge Tour, but if I am very honest, I did not really want to be there, if I could be with the family at home.

" And I was already on the move and I started to roll the ball on what I'm going to do now. And this just feels the right time. "

The day Dyson cleaned up

Simon Dyson begins on the 18th at St. Andrew's Old Course on his way to the greatest victory in his career, the Dunhill Links Championship in 1945

Dyson has many magical memories of a career that made him one of Europe & # 39; s best golfers made for a decade when he finished twice in Europe & # 39; s Top 10 and more than once but just the Ryder Cup selection failed.

Apart from being a regular customer at the Open Championship, becoming ninth in Sandwich in 2011, he also played in five American PGA Championships, finishing sixth behind Tiger Woods at Southern Hills in 2007, four US Opens and had two trips to Augusta for the Masters in 2010 and 2012.

"I always thought I would make it to the Masters one day," he said. "And you never forget your first, we took 20 or 30 of us and we had an incredible week."

But if the married father of two had to notice a climax, he came to the van golf & # 39 ;, in 2009, when he won the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on the last day in St Andrew & # 39; s.

It was also his largest paycheck – 540,000 euros – but it was not so much the size of the prize, but the special place where it happened.

"The last descent at St Andrew's to win the Dunhill Links was the best it ever got," Dyson said.

"I always gave it 100% Sometimes it was good enough Sometimes it was not, but I have no regrets."

Simon Dyson was in conversation with BBC York sports editor Sharon Shortle

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