Soo lives her dream in Augusta

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Julienne Soo during her practice round on Friday at Augusta National Golf Club. (Photo: Augusta National Golf Club)

Seventy-two women lived the dream of hundreds of millions of golfers on Friday – and Melbourne & Julienne Soo was one of them.

The 22-year-old soon to become a professional will play for higher stakes in lucrative events in the coming years.

But Soo will probably no longer play a memorable round for the rest of her life than today at Augusta National Golf Club.

"I wasn't really nervous and I played better than the last two days," Soo said shortly after the walk at 18.

"I birdied the first hole and thought & # 39; I can leave now! & # 39;"

For the 42 women who missed the final round in the first Augusta National Women & # 39; s Amateur, Friday's round at the most famous golf course was the perfect day.

Play the course that you thought you would never see without any pressure and with your parents by your side.

"My parents could come on the ropes, which was really cool, that made it even more special," Soo said.

"It was a very special moment, I don't know if I will ever come back here because I'm a pro in May. I'm just excited to have to play here at least once in my life.

"They treat us like royalty, my golf wasn't great this week, but it was a bit of a side issue because of the great tournament."

If you are actually royal, you may not get a start time at Augusta National, which says a lot about the experience that 72 of & # 39; the world's best young female golfers got on Friday.

The nerves did not enter Soo until she was off the 11th green.

She was nervous about hitting a T-shot that she could remember forever in her favorite hole – but also nervous about getting the perfect photo on Hogan Bridge.

"If there was a recording that made me nervous, it was because my favorite hole is," Soo said.

"It was in perfect condition, it had the bridge, there were flowers everywhere. Being a girl, that was very nice to see!"

Soo & # 39; s father Mel happily surrendered to caddying duties for a day and if one of the women in the top 30 has not yet decided who will carry their bag tomorrow, they can do worse than talk to Soo.

"He read all the greens well and pinched me perfectly, he just knew the course from the front," Soo said.

"He told me to go to a number of places where I thought & # 39; are you sure? & # 39; But then again, he was right!"

But just as good as Soo & # 39; s caddy Drake was to help her navigate Augusta, he might have made an even better guide.

"All the caddies showed us all the stains, such as Tiger & # 39; s chip on 16 and Adams putt on 10," Soo said.

"I walked forward and saw Phil & # 39; s shot from the pine needles at 13"

The scene of Bubba & # 39; s rectangular wedge from deep in the trees at 10 was the one who wanted to visit Soo more than anyone – and did not disappoint.

"It was insane! It makes no sense!

Regarding the setup, the women who are still hunting to be crowned may have liked the first ANWA champion they saw on Friday.

The women played tees from the members and Soo felt like she was taking full advantage.

"It was shorter than I expected because we played tees for the members and I only watched it from the Masters tees," Soo said.

"It was a very nice length, there were some holes that were a bit long, such as 18. But there were also some gettable holes.

"I am very excited to see some of the girls and see how they play."

If Soo was surprised by the length of Augusta, she was amazed by the slopes, a general reaction from those who are taking the course for the first time.

"I was out of breath on some holes!" Soo laughed.

"I had to hit two or three clubs on a few holes and they weren't even in the wind. It just shows how much steeper it is than it looks on TV."

And as if her day was not special enough, after her round, Augusta National member Condoleezza Rice covered a walk to Soo. It looked like she was on the 12th green all over again.

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