Square Strike Wedge Review: is it doing well with the Infomercial Hype?

Posted by on October 30, 2018  /   Posted in golf tips

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If you look at the wave channel on a consistent basis, you have probably seen many infolercials for golf clubs. They are gimmicky, make great promises and in general I do not take any of them seriously. However, they are very effective in selling clubs (or else they would not continue to advertise). So I decided to put one of them to the test to see if there was any merit on their claims. I bought a Square Strike wedge, now one of the most popular infomercial items.

Although the club has an unusual design, it really surprised me after having tested it.

What Square Strike says

The Square Strike wedge is very similar to the chipper clubs you have seen for years. Except for steroids.

It is designed to function more like a putter with a very upright lying angle and heavier head. It has 45 degree loft, similar to a Pitching Wedge from many golf OEMs.

It has a huge sole, which is supposed to prevent greasy shots and help the club "glide" on imperfect attacks and challenging lies. Moreover, the leading edge is angled so that the club can not dig. In addition, they have moved the weight of the bat all the way to the toe, which is intended to promote a pendulum movement.

To make a long story short, they have designed a club to help golfers who are crazy with their wedges. These players struggle with lumps and skulls that always lead to double bogeys or worse. The Square Strike promotes more of a putting movement, which is much easier for most golfers to reproduce around the greens.

It's not a crazy concept, anyhow, or new, but you can not help yourself peeping at the club when you first see it.

It works quite well

I have tested the Square Strike wedge several times on the practice green on my golf course. I touched on several lies that you would encounter on the fairway and in the rough. Despite my initial preference, the club performs very well.

Whatever lies I threw about it, the Square Strike was very good at producing a low running shot . It felt better than I expected, and the weight did not bother me so much.

There was a golfer next to me who was the perfect specimen to test. He had an excessively long sweep on his chip shots and 'clapped & # 39; the bat with his hands. He agreed to take a few photos with the Square Strike, and he simply made the same low-running shots that I touched. The golfer told me, "it feels like a sledgehammer, but I would use it."

I believe this club can be very effective in getting the ball on the pit surface if you have enough green for you. Based on what I saw, I think that golfers who struggle with these types of shots will benefit from using a club like this.

However, I have some reservations about the Square Strike.

There is no versatility

The main problem with the Square Strike is that there is no versatility for the club. It is very effective in producing a low-running chip or pitch shot, but that's about all it can do. Now that is a critical opportunity to have on the golf course, but part of being a good wedge player has shooting options in many situations.

If you use this club, it means that you give one space in your bag for another wedge.

I tried to make 45-50 yard pitch shots with the Square Strike. I usually use my 60 degree wedge for those photos, so that I can land the ball gently on the green.

Club Total Spin (rpm) Start AngleCarry YardsTotal YardsHeight (feet)

Lob Wedge583931465021

Square Strike374625435015

The Square Strike was launched at a lower angle, with less spin and reached a lower height. You would expect this because it has much less loft than my lobwig. While it is easy to swing the club and make contact, you get a lower running shot that will appear pretty much on the green. Again, that is not a bad thing; it only limits your options.

Who It Might Be For

I do not think the Square Strike is a gimmick. It may not be the mythical savior who claim the website and infomercials, but this club can help golfers. If you are someone who struggles with wigshots around the green, to the point where it is debilitating, the Square Strike can probably provide relief.

There is nothing more frustrating than twenty meters from the green and the ball can not get on the putting surface. It is one of the main reasons why recreational golfers post double bogeys or worse. If this club can help eliminate those shots (and your fear of them), who am I to tell you not to try?

Why I would not really recommend it

The Square Strike is more of a patch, and I would consider it only as a last resort.

Modern wedges offer so much versatility around the greens and they are easier to hit than ever because of improved design.

My recommendation to anyone struggling with pitch or chip shots is to first learn how to play them well. They are not very complicated and can be drastically improved with the right technique and exercise. I'd rather see golfers first than buy a club that limits the kind of photo that you can play and do not allow you to develop your wedge technique.

But I know it is not a perfect world, and that may not be in the cards of many of you.


I came to test the Square Strike because I thought it would not be a viable option for golfers. But the club surprised me. It is easy to hit and produces few moving images that golfers have to perform on the track.

But I notice that I recommend it to most golfers. If you are someone who feels miserable with your short game and seems to avoid heavy shots, skulls and the yips (all ugly words) – I think it can help you. For $ 89 it costs less than most premium wedges, so it is not a huge investment.

On the other hand, the club is only able to produce a small number of shots. I also do not think that this will help you become a better wedge player in general.

So if your short game bleeds heavily, the Square Strike can be a nice plaster. But if your goal is to become a better wedge player in general, it may make more sense to get a few short game lessons and practice more.

You can buy the Square Strike from their website here.

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