Step-by-step instructions to create your own wave mat!

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Golf mats can be useful when it comes to improving your golf skills, but not everyone with a limited budget can afford them. This is where the knowledge of building your own golf riding mat is handy.

Making your own mat is not as difficult as you think! By following these step-by-step instructions, you can create your own driving mat in no time.

A remarkable advantage of making your own golf mat is that you can adjust it to your own wishes. For example, you can choose to have more or less padding based on your comfort zone.

In addition, if you are an artistic person who would like to add something extra to each of your possessions, you can do the same as with your driving mat and personalize it to your liking.

1- First of all, assemble the items needed to create a driving mat. This includes plywood, artificial grass, handsaw, knife, binding spray / glue and carpet filling.

2- Next step is sawing the piece of plywood with a handsaw in a rectangular shape of 3 by 5 feet. This is the ideal size and shape although it can vary depending on your comfort level.

If you have enough space to stand on the piece of plywood and you are able to hit the golf ball with comfort, then the size is suitable for a wave mat.

3- Then you have to cut a piece of carpet and artificial turf. They must have exactly the same size of the plywood.

This is done to ensure that the covering and turf cover the piece of plywood completely and perfectly.

4- Use the glue or glue spray, stick the piece of carpet filling on the piece of plywood. If you need a softer mat, you can add a new layer of carpet filling.

5- After the carpet filling has been applied, spray the glue again on top of the filling.

6- Place the piece of cut artificial grass on the padding. Be careful to avoid folding.

7- Let the mat rest for a day or two before you use it to practice your golf skills!

It is recommended to use an adhesive spray or glue in a well-ventilated room.

By following these steps, you can create your own hassle free golf mats that are easy to maintain and great to practice!

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