Stitch Golf Review: Function, Style and Detail

Posted by on September 16, 2020  /   Posted in golf tips

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Over the past ten years, more and more independent golf companies have emerged. In my experience, I have seen smaller companies put a lot more attention, detail and quality into their products compared to some of the bigger brands most golfers are familiar with. One company that has become a leader in the indie golf scene is Stitch Golf.

They started as a headcover company, but have quickly expanded into a significant range of products, including golf bags, luggage, apparel and a host of other accessories. I had the opportunity to try out some of their products, and they are one of the best options for golfers willing to invest more in premium products.


Stitch initially gained prominence as a headcover company. Several years ago I bought these knitted headpieces for my bag, and I love them.

Their brand is based on their attention to detail and the quality of the materials used, and it's obvious when you see and feel these headcovers in person.

If knits aren't your thing, they also have a pretty extensive selection of leather headgear. There are now tons of options if you want to add some flavor and personality to your golf bag, but Stitch remains one of the best choices if you're looking for classic designs with premium materials.

While I didn't get a chance to try out their newer golf bags, I've seen a ton of SL1 and Sl2 bags lately when playing, and they offer the same classic style.

Travel Bags

If you're someone who likes to invest in your luggage, Stitch has built an impressive line of travel bags that are well thought out and stylish.

While I'm not one of those who generally travel too much, backpacks have always been essential to me due to their versatility in everyday life. The Stitch Traveler is quite impressive.

Whether you use it for your commute to work or a weekend away, this backpack can handle both scenarios. It's large, comfortable and has a 2-in-1 design. You can load your laptop and items as you would any other backpack. Or you have the option of unzipping the bag its full length like a duffel bag and throwing in some of your golf gear if you plan on playing after your workday is over.

Every little detail has been thought through in the Stitch Traveler, making it a great choice for someone who wants a little something extra in a backpack.

Stitch also has garment bags, duffel bags and other accessories in their travel department.


Last but not least, Stitch is also a golf apparel company.

I have worn their Speedster Pullover, which is very light and easy to weave – perfect for a light chill on the track.

I also tried one of their polos, which was equally comfortable, and I liked the subtle pattern.

Overall, I think they have done an excellent job in the apparel field. However, I think their prices are a bit high even when compared to other premium brands I've tried. If materials are essential to you I would say other brands like Redvanly or Rhoback offer better performance fabrics at a slightly lower cost, with similar designs.

They Covered the Premium Market

You don't buy from Stitch if you are price conscious. But if you are looking for the best materials, classic designs and intuitive functions, then I understand why the company has become so popular.

They have put a lot of attention and detail into every product, and it certainly lives up to the name of the company, which promises "meticulous attention to detail down to the last stitch".

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