Surge Protectors will save your golf cart Battery charger and your money!

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I own a golf cart dealer in North Florida. We sell and maintain golf carts, both electric and gas. At our dealer there are many more electric powered golf carts that we repair than that there is gas. I would say that we see about one hundred electric cars for each gas in our service department. This is not because gas cars are so much better and require less maintenance.

The reason for the mass difference is due to our location. We are in North Florida. Flat without hills North Florida. We are also in a state that has been very "green" friendly. That is why there is not really a big demand for golf carts on gas for the not so hilly greens. And just like with every electric golf cart, the battery charger is off the golf cart. We have walk-ins every week that bring us these chargers to make a diagnosis.

Sometimes the charger is fine, indicating that there is a problem with the golf cart that we then plan to be picked up. Most of the time, however, the initial plug-in test indicates a kind of fault with the battery charger . There is a good chance that the power surge demon attacked the battery charger. We live in an area in North Florida that has more than our share of the power surges. And if that is not bad enough, we also experience a large number of thunderstorms in the afternoon accompanied by sufficient lightning so Ben Franklin would want to live here !

These surges ] and electric spikes search and destroy just about every electric circuit on their path. We have lost our microwave, coffee machine (May Day, May Day, …), portable phones, computer and printer in the same afternoon! Yes, I know, we should be moving! These surge demons have a mission in mind to search and destroy including golf cart battery chargers. After repairing the battery charger of a customer, we ask if they have a surge protection in the circuit that they use for the charger of their golf cart. People, we already know the answer. Most of them have the most suspicious look on their faces when we encourage them to place a surge protector for their charger to protect them from damaging surges and surges. They can buy one from us or wherever they want. But the concept must be introduced before a repair cost is incurred as a result of these electric demons .

We had a customer who did not agree with our advice and paid for his loader repair and set off. a few months later he wanted again that his battery charger was guaranteed. People, the electronic control panel was burnt just like the first time we repaired his charger. One of the larger demons must have attacked and hit so hard that it has literally blown up some components of the circuit board.

After shows and tells with the guy and explain that a power surge / peak did the damage again, he paid us and went to buy a power surge protector and we have the charger of the man since not seen. I know he bought one, because he called us from one of the big kiosks to ask for one of the protectors he looked at if it worked well for his charger. Live and learn. My mother always said that some people simply do not learn the simple way. They must be hit twice before they learn to bend over. In today's society, the school of hard knocks does not suffer from a lack of students, that's for sure.

I hope that I have communicated these concepts in a positive way that helps us to understand that surge protection is required to be installed in the power circuit to the charger of the golf cart. And thus you avoid having to pay for expensive repairs caused by the "electric demons" of power surges and electrical voltage peaks. As a result, you save money and take care of your golf cart better. It is for these things why I write. I write for you and your understanding of your golf cart. Thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. You honor me by doing that. OK, until the next time we meet, go outside and enjoy your golf cart. After all, is not that what you bought it for? MKR

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