Swannies Golf Review: a refreshing look at golf clothing

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Every year, the category of independent clothing becomes stronger in the golf industry. More and more golfers are looking for alternative options for what the big brands have to offer, and there are now some worthy choices. I have paid a lot of attention to this space and I always like to let you all know about companies that you may never have heard of. In this article I want to introduce you to a clothing brand from Minnesota called Swannies. I've been watching for a few years and their growth is impressive. Swannies is not about taking golf too seriously and having fun – a message I can certainly get behind.

In January I spent some time with Swannies co-founder Adam Iversen on the PGA Show. I got the chance to look at their 2019 line and was impressed by the breadth of their designs. Moreover, I love the feeling and comfort of the fabrics they used.

I had assumed that a brand that tried to respond to the younger market grew mainly through direct sales to consumers through their website, but I thought wrong. Adam told me that Swannies was sold in nearly 500 golf stores in the United States and Canada. That's pretty impressive for a new company trying to compete in a busy market.

Interestingly enough, Swannies first started in 2015 as a soft-spike wave sandal. They have since become a complete clothing line. They have a nice selection of hats, tees, polos, outerwear, shorts, pants and a few other accessories.

My impressions

Most golf apparel companies are judged by the quality of their polo & # 39; s. In recent months I have worn their Mclaughlin Polo, a high-quality polyester blend with a subtle dot design.

The shirt is very comfortable and perfect in warmer conditions. It is more of an athletic cut, which I prefer. So if you are in between sizes, you should probably take a larger size. Generally I love the shirt, and it is now in my rotation when I go to the course.

When I look at the rest of their polo designs, I like the mix. It is definitely not for those who are looking for traditional golf polos. There are options ranging from more conservative, solid color designs to more modern prints such as their Gilligan Polo.

The Pancake Polo (left) & Gilligan Polo (right)

Perhaps my favorite part of Swannies is their price structure. Smaller golf companies will often cost more, but I thought they were reasonable. Their polo & # 39; s cost $ 56, which I think is a good value considering the quality of their materials and design features. The rest of their line will also not break the bank completely, which is probably appreciated by the younger demographics on which they focus.

If you like hats, they also have many choices. I have their Husby Hat with their logo.

I am also a big fan of their t-shirts, which is one of my most important clothing choices.

View "Em Out

I think it's great that companies like Swannies are there and finding success. When I walk into a traditional golf shop, I am usually not so enthusiastic about the selection available. So if you are like me and want an alternative that doesn't cost you an arm and leg, then check them out.

You can buy the current Swannies line here directly on their website.

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