Syme enjoys return European Tour after losing card

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& # 39; The success of Bob MacIntyre is an inspiration & # 39; – Syme

Scotland Connor Syme believes that he now has the experience and consistency to make his mark on the European Tour 12 months after losing his card.

After a nerve-racking final, Syme secured his return with a 14th place finish – one place within the cut-off point – in the Challenge Tour rankings.

The achievement "means everything" for the 24-year-old who says that hard lessons learned make him optimistic about the new season.

"All I can see are positives," he said.

"I and the team know the mistakes we made, so I come back with that wealth of experience.

" I am really excited to go back, see what I learned and that hopefully can pay dividends. "

Syme, who joined professional ranks in 2017, admits his qualification was too close for consolation after a draw for the 15th in the season-dependent Challenge Tour Grand Final brought to Mallorca him across the line on Sunday.

"Many things go through your mind," he said. "I had been in the top 15 all season – things like the only week of the year you would could be the last one, so it was really a challenge.

"That last round was terrible, you don't really know how other people interact and it could all change because there was such a big prize pool.

" We fought against 50 miles per hour wind and rain and it's like a full year of work can slip away in one week. We play for our living, it is our job, and I am very happy to get it done. "

Syme takes part in the lead tour by fellow countryman Calum Hill, who finished second in the Challenge Tour rankings.

With a second place on the Shot Clock Masters 2018 on his name, Syme has previously contested the honor during the European Tour and feels able to get into the mix again.

"Consistency was certainly what left me at the European Tour, but it was a lot con persistent year on the Challenge Tour, "he said.

" Looking back on my amateur career, I was very consistent, especially in my last few years.

"Of course the European Tour is again a higher standard, but I have competed at the top of those events before, and now that I have a full year to try it, there will be many opportunities to do so . "

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