Tassie starts #IntSeries with bang

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They promised great things at home and on day one of the 2019 #IntSeries the Tasmanians delivered.

After having had the morning temper, Tasmania had to wait to give his campaign a new boost, but a strong 5-2 win over South Australia ensured that the hosts got off to a flying start.

It was the lower rankings that made the locals make a winning start, with Tasmania Golf Club member Andrew Phillips, Mark Schulze and Thomas Ryan all winning.

SA's Liam Georgiadis gave his team some hope, but Craig Hancocksoon replied, the pair needed 17 and 18 holes respectively to beat their opponents.

Billy Cawthorne from South Australia took one back with a 2 & 1 win over Mitch Van Noord in the No. 2 slot before Greg Longmore saw the world no.57 Jack Thompson at the top of the order on a brilliant display.

"Without being rude, I don't really know him, so I didn't know his ranking. If I did, I'd probably have been a bit more shaky," Longmore said.

"I just played golf normally, lots of birdies there, lots of birdies to halve holes."

With their last # IntSeries crown at Woodlands in 1977, Tasmanian history wants to be made in their own backyard.

"You give yourself a chance to come in, I know that every other team does," Longmore said.

"Hopefully it will be a bit colder and windier, which will give us the advantage. Hopefully it will be further and further from here."

WA bounced back after lunch with a blood-curdling performance and managed to beat the Northern Terrain 7-0 despite trailing early matches in multiple games.

Captain Haydn Barron was brilliant at the top of the order and took the opposite at No. 1 Jake Hughes 7 & 5.

Meanwhile, WA debutants Joshua Herrero and Jordan Jung were the ones who won their first game for their state.

With both teams winning a victory in the morning, the meeting between the NSW and Queensland in the afternoon was the match-up of the day.

Maroon Lochie Coleborn and Blues James Conran and Harrison Crowe secured early points for their states, before NSW's Jordie Garner and Lewis Hoath won half a horrific lie about the last gap.

In the third race, Nathan Barbieri rode NSW further ahead with a 3 & 2 win over Lawry Flynn, but Queensland number 1 Jed Morgan kept his match in with a 3 & 2 win over Josh Armstrong.

A six-under series on a six-hole course in the middle of his round-activated world No.17 Blake Windred abandons an impressive Chris Crabtree, despite the pair halving the par-5 fourth with eagles.

In the morning games, Victoria survived a scare guard against a spirited South Australia with Matias Sanchez, who won the battle for No. 1s 2 & 1 over Jack Thompson.

Blake Collyer, Kyle Michel and Andre Lautee each claimed a run in the next three games, making Victoria a victory of 5.5-1.5.

Queensland kept its guts for a 5-2 win over Western Australia with Chris Crabtree, Lawry Flynn, Joel Stahlhut, Louis Dobbelaar and debutant Lochie Coleborn all confirmation points.

And in the other match, NSW started its week with a 6-1 score on the Northern Territory.

The only point of the NT came in the No. 1 competition, when Jake Hughes defeated second place in the Australian Amateur Championships champion Nathan Barbieri 3 & 1.

NSW takes the lead as the first day of the Australian Interstate series 2019

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