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The Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association (AGCSA) encourages all Club members, managers and golf enthusiasts to thank their Course Superintendent and Course Management teams during "Thank a Superintendent Week" from 13 to 20 May 2019.

Following the success of the 2018 inauguration campaign, the week is meant to make people aware of the great contributions that golf inspectors and their teams make to the golf game in Australia, and to thank Sports Turf Management teams for their continued efforts to stay World class Australia facilities.

As has been widely announced in recent months, Australia has seen a variety of extreme weather conditions – from forest fires to floods, excessive periods of prolonged heat waves far above annual temperature averages – and many parts of the country are experiencing the greatest drought ever recorded.

Because of all this, Superintendents and teams have worked tirelessly to manage the largest and most valuable asset of any course – the Course.

Because Superintendents and their teams constantly strive to keep the grass and environment of the game healthy and attractive, environmental awareness is always a primary focus. Thanks to the efforts of many Superintendents, Course Managers and their teams, Australia is home to some of the most breathtaking courses in the world; where golfers continue to play at world-class facilities.

From small regional gems to international tourist attractions, to notable metropolitan icons, Australian golf courses are maintained by dedicated teams, who complete hundreds of thousands of golf rounds each year, prepared for sustainable environmental management practices and growing green spaces and natural habitats.

To acknowledge their efforts, the AGCSA is launching our Thank A Superintendent Week, a campaign to acknowledge the efforts of our Superintendents and Course Management teams and say "thank you" this week.

Join us and thank our Superintendents and Course Management teams by sharing the pride in your Course through photos, videos and grateful messages between May 13 and 20, using the hashtags campaign #ThankASuperAUS and #OurAGCSA

First published on the Australian Golf Course Superintendents Association website.

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