The Five Concept Golf Swing Principles

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The discovery of the five swing principles is a real breakthrough for golfers. Not only do they define the golf swing and the athletic movement used by all sports on the ground, they also create all the positive effects that every golfer wants his swing to take automatically.

I want to talk about how the Concept Golf swing principles create the swing positions that make high quality shot-making a common place rather than an accident. It seems to me that I make, understand and understand the connection between the principles and the positions that make an excellent, consistent recording, but that for many golfers it may not be so obvious.

Today I connect the points between one of those important positions and two of the concept wave swing principles.

One of the necessary positions for outstanding ball adventures is for the hands of the clubhead and the ball when the club hits the ball. This is a truth position for all clubs all the time. Especially the wedge, the putter, the 7-iron, the driver, the 3-wood, the 1-iron, the chip shot, the pitch shot, the sand shot and every other club and every other shot you can think of.

ONLY with the hands on the clubhead, the ball will be beaten square and fair. If the club head ever comes to the hands during the swing, a lot of unpleasant results can be expected. Such as: big shots, crooked shots, very short shots, high aimless shots, shots that no one could love.

For example, have you ever tried to make that little wedge shot near the green just to get the club some dirt before it hits the ball? The resulting photo is a short dribbler that occasionally triggers wave words.

What caused that male shot? The club head has gone before you. That made the bottom of the bow before the ball instead of past the ball. We could concentrate on what caused the bad shot or what is wrong with this swing, but we will concentrate on the truth that will eliminate that ugly snapshot from your sleeve forever. Okay with you? Good. Let's move on.

The Concept Golf swing principles are only five, but none of them can be ignored. Do not forget that it is your job to understand them, not just to apply them specifically. Only through their understanding will they seep into your being and your swing in a way that gives you maximum benefit. The only way you can achieve your ball-catching goals is to express these principles in your own unique way. That is the only way to have your own authentic swing, your own homemade swing.

Having your own authentic swing is a good thing for many reasons. Have your own swing – do not copy the swing of someone else.

Which principles play a role in anticipating the head of the club on impact? Only these two, weight transfer and relaxation of the shoulders. And if I put the emphasis on one of the two – and I will do that – it would be RELAXATION. (I did not want to raise my voice.)

I will usually show relaxation when I teach new students. The way I do this is to hit a few shots with relaxed shoulders to the point of ridicule. My arms seem in the best case not to control. My shoulders are so relaxed that it is not possible to solder the club behind the ball before I swing. The students are usually quite amused while I am getting ready to make the swing. They KNOW that there is no chance to make a reasonable shot with so much relaxation.

The look on their face after the first shot is total bewilderment. How in the world did you beat a good, firm and straight arm of rubber bands?

That is the amount of relaxation that is NECESSARY for high-quality, consistent recording.

If your shoulders are relaxed, how can you have a backswing?

The only way is to let the legs move the body, so that your arms are hurled or hurled into what we know as the backswing. That is, the full shoulder relaxation makes the weight transfer necessary to cause the swinging of the arms and the bat. Otherwise you stand still at the address position with very relaxed shoulders. Not a very effective method to make good.

When your shoulders are completely relaxed during the whole swing, the club head actually has some weight at the end of the stick. Because of the full shoulder relaxation, your arms have become followers of your body. Both effects are good. Now that your arms are following your body and the weight of the club head is sufficient for the club head to follow your hands and arms, you will bring your body to the finish. With impact, your hands will be far ahead of the club head. GOOD SHOT !!!!!!

As you can see, it is only by relaxing your shoulders and by the necessary weight transfer of your body that you will ever be able to let your hands be guided by the head of the club on impact and enjoy the resulting bright, sturdy photo's.

Trying to create the "hands that lead to the impact" through muscle activity or a sense of swing control will NEVER work. I never mean. I've tried it so many times and so many ways that I can tell you absolutely that it can not work, except through full and familiar shoulder relaxation. The Concept Golf principles work and they will ensure that the right positions are automatically created without any conscious thought on your part. That is the best possible situation.

When your shoulders are completely relaxed, your backswing begins with your legs and leaves the club head behind the ball until the body finally drags it into the backswing. That is exactly how the great Bobby Jones waved – and people did not understand it then either. If you start with your legs forward through the ball, your arms will be dragged through the ball to the finish. With that incredible relaxation at the top of your backswing, you feel how your arms fall in behind your body as your body moves to the finish. You will love the photo & # 39; s you've made !!!!!!

I hope this helps you understand the positive, desired effects that the Concept Golf principles cause.

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