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Many of you are currently in holiday gift store mode (and are lovingly touching loved ones to buy things for you). In this article I give you some gift ideas from my favorite clothing brand Linksoul. In recent years they have completely taken over my closet and since I wear and wear something from them almost every day, you can consider them as the "unofficial" clothing brand of Practical Golf.

Obsessed a lot?

The reason I am such a big fan of their line is that they have a wide selection of clothes that can be worn on and off the golf course. Although inspired by golf culture, they have become a relatively popular lifestyle brand, even among people who have never picked up a golf club.

I will give you some of my favorite choices from different categories. Practical golf readers will also receive the largest publicly available discount on their clothing. Just use PRACTICAL GOLF at the checkout to get a 20% discount.

I made an attempt to make a male model for each section, here we go …


When the weather gets colder, there are many layer options available. You have your choice of sweaters, quarter zippers, jackets, hoodies, sweatshirts, jackets, windbreakers and much more. Whether it is my windbreaker or jacket, everything is made from first-class materials that are resistant to the elements, whether you are golfing or taking a walk.

My new favorite piece from the Winter Collection is the Shirt of the campfire flannel. On the outside it is a smooth, nicely decorated flannel. On the inside there is an extra padded layer to keep you warmer. I wore it several times when the temperatures varied from 45-55 degrees and I noticed that it was warm enough.

You can buy their extensive layer collection here.


I've always been a pair of jeans. I have never found any other casual pants that I wanted to wear other than denim until Linksoul released their Torrey Modern pants this year. If you are looking to exchange things, these are a great option. They are not completely khaki and certainly not jeans, but fall somewhere in between. They are versatile enough to dress them when you go out to eat, or if you just want to stay in your house.

I also love the fit. They are not super-tight, but do not give you a baggy feeling.

I also have several other styles, such as more formal khakis and rainwear. You can buy the entire trouser collection here.

Polo with short sleeve

Perhaps the most versatile category are the short sleeve poles of Linksoul. Almost every polo can be worn on and off the golf course.

For several years I have been wearing their Coast Highway Classic Polo & # 39; s. I would have it against one of the other companies that says they have made the "perfect polo". It is comfortable, stylish and especially if it can be dressed up or down, depending on the activity you need it for.

On the golf course I participated in their Anza Drytech Knit shirts. This is more a performance polo with moisture-regulating properties and has more stretch. You can wear it on those hot and humid summer days and the material remains beautiful. These are my go-to selections quickly during the spring and summer rounds.

There are also many other polo designs with short sleeves available, you can view the entire collection here.


One of the most popular categories of Linksoul is their Tees. They have tons of unique designs and they are all incredibly soft, making them comfortable to laze around or outside. I have a maximum of 10 tees in my closet – they are addictive.

You can buy the full Tee Shirt collection here.


Anyone who has worn the Boardwalker Shorts of Linksoul will soon become obsessed with them. You can dress them with a T-shirt, wear them on the golf course and even wear them. They are made of a 4-way stretch fabric that gives them a short performance when you need them. Moreover, they fit neatly on the line between being too baggy or too tight.

I started wearing it as my spring / summer casual shorts, but then realized that they were also the perfect golf shorts. I now have them in multiple colors after I have bought my first pair, because they are just so great.

Here you can view the rest of their shorts collection.

long-sleeved polo shirt

If you are looking for a polo with long sleeves for work, the golf course or a night out, then Linksoul has some options.

Recently they released a version with long sleeves of their Anza polo. It also has a light, light fabric that is light, breathable and drains moisture. It is pretty sharp and you can dress it nicely if you do not wear it on the golf course.

You can also view different styles in their top category.

Other cool things

There are a few other categories of Linksoul that would make great gifts.

If you are looking to decorate your home or office, you can view their print shop with some really cool original artwork. I have a few prints on my office wall.

Here is an art print in my office

Some other smaller items that you could pick up are their hand-forged ball markings, which is a cool collaboration with Seamus Golf.

Or, if you want to protect yourself from a downpour, you can view some of their unique umbrellas.

I hope that I have given you some great ideas for your holiday shopping. Do not forget to use our 20% discount code PRACTICALGOLF during checkout to get an extra discount. You can visit the site of Linksoul here.

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