The wave-tip that could change everything

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I read George Knudson's book, The Natural Golf Swing, and saw this tip, which I did not have before. Knudson was a Canadian who played the PGA Tour in the seventies and had one of the best swings the Tour has ever seen. What he wrote is perhaps exactly what you need to make solid golf shots.

Knudson said that early in his development as a professional, he always hit his driver at the heel of the club and broke the wood. that side and hitting "these ugly little shots."

"One day I decided to catch the ball on the driver's toe, I put the ball on the toe and thought that's where I would make contact, it was not the right place, but the placing the ball in the right place did not do me any good either, so what happens? I hit this thing and it deposits the club like a rocket compared to what I had done

"… suddenly, after the ball was placed on the toe, the ball came out of the face. I decided the club head should pull out and accept that … I did not know that I suddenly ran out of the ball in the middle of the face because of the centrifugal force that pulled the club head up and down. "

What Knudson achieved is that the centrifugal force of the swing pulls your arms and makes them a little straight – they become longer, if they wear the club in the ball, longer, the center of the face will be pointed in line with the ball, if you start from the right place.

Remember that you hit a 5-language iron a few months ago that left as it was launched and you wondered: "Where did that come from? "What you did was finally hitting the ball in the middle of the face, that's all.

To do what Knudson suggests, you need to know where the club's toe is. face of an iron, they run to a spot about an inch or so away from the extreme toe of the club, and then there is smooth, poli-throwing metal Put the center of the ball on that boundary between the grooves and the polished metal.

With a driver it's a bit harder to find the right spot, because the ball on a tee introduces a parallax effect, the ball will look further to the toe than it really is. the end of the face with the center of the ball, as you see it on the tee, is a good starting point, because drivers' heads come in different forms, you will have to experiment a bit to find exactly the right alignment with the driver you

If you want to hit the ball longer and right, there are two rules. Rule 1: Hit the ball in the middle of the face. Rule 2: Hit the ball in the middle of the face. (Same rule, is not it?) Forget about swing speed, pulse and so on. Save the ball and you get the distance and accuracy you wanted. What you have just read is a good way to do it.

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