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Everyone reading this website often knows that I am committed to helping golfers find ways to improve their golf performance without using swing advice. The golf world has focused almost exclusively on technology. I always felt that the rest of the game was being ignored. That is why I focus on topics such as expectation management, strategy, habits and the mental side of the game.

A fellow coach in this crusade is a man named Scott Fawcett. His DECADE system has stormed the golf world in recent years in the college and professional ranks. You may have seen him recently in the Chris Como show on the golf channel.

I think Scott is one of the best communicators in all golf coaching, and I have learned quite a few things from him. He recently announced a new section of his app called DECADE Foundations – which provides content and statistical analysis aimed at recreational players. I asked Scott if he would be willing to share one of the videos of his app (which is behind a payment wall), and he agreed. I think many of you will get a lot of useful information by looking, and I also have an exclusive discount for Practical Golf readers who are interested in signing up.

What is DECADE?

A few years ago I wrote this article about my experience with DECADE. In short, it is a strategic system that provides a framework for making decisions on the golf course. Moreover, a great deal of psychology and practical philosophy are ingrained. Initially, Scott usually provided the information through a four-hour seminar to university teams. Following the extraordinary results, the NCAA prohibited him from giving the seminar directly to players because it was considered an unfair competitive advantage.

Bryson DeChambeau was one of the early adopters of DECADE and won the NCAA individual title in 2015 and US Amateur in 2015

Because Scott could not give the seminar to everyone, he decided to build an app. In recent years he has made many videos that explain how strategic decisions can be made in different parts of the game, along with mental advice and practice advice. In addition, the app has a robust recording tracking feature that allows golfers to follow all their recordings and receive personalized recommendations on where to improve. The system is used at all levels of professional golf, and among elite amateurs.

I have used many basic principles of DECADE in my own game (especially on tee shots). This article about tee-shot dispersion gives a glimpse into the decision-making process.

However, I hesitated to recommend the app to Practical Golf readers because much of the information is a bit advanced and aimed at "elite" golfers.

Scott recently decided to create content intended for recreational golfers, called DECADE Foundations. The purpose of the simplified version of the app is to allow users to drip for six months with content to set up basic philosophies about strategy, mental play and practice techniques. In addition, he has added a statistics portal that follows five parameters that he thinks are the core areas of the game that keep players from improving their scores.

The Video

I have had access to the Foundations app for several weeks and the first collection of videos is excellent. Scott doesn't hit golfers at the same time with 100 videos, but instead carefully reveals the basics of different parts of the golf. The goal is that after six months you are at home in a framework that can help you make smarter decisions in your game (and of course lower your scores). Moreover, entering statistics is much less complicated for Foundations than for the Elite version of the app.

Scott has agreed to share the first video for free. I think you'll learn a lot in 25 minutes, and I encourage you all to see everything. You hear about:

Insight into dispersion
Why little birds are overestimated
Learning the strokes got statistics
Why avoiding bogeys (or worse) is the key to successful golf
The real secret of placing
How happiness plays such an important role in golf (and winning)

Here is the video:

Register (and a discount for readers)

If you are interested in buying DECADE Foundations, I have arranged a $ 25 discount for Practical Golf readers who use this link (no coupon code required). Instead of $ 99.99 for six months, you can get it for $ 75.

Here is a visual representation of how the content will be given to you for six months:

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