Tiger Woods is on the brink of history and still tinkering

Posted by on February 18, 2020  /   Posted in golf reviews

"It is hard to put it together for all four days as you get older," Woods said. "It's just harder."

Woods acknowledged the "missed opportunities" created by various layoffs in the course of his career, but he does not dwell on that, he said. In fact, he said he & # 39; blessed & # 39; was that he still participated. Contrary to expectations, he has uncovered new opportunities.

"I didn't think I would have this," he said.

Brandel Chamblee, an analyst for the Gulf Channel and a previous tour pro, said in a telephone interview that he saw no signs that Woods was suffering on Torrey Pines last month.

"The evidence would be a short swing, a rapid transition, a prince here or there on a golf course where he so clearly showed the full extent of his injuries and his pain, & # 39; said Chamblee, referring to Woods' victory over the US Open in 2008. "But it looks like he's playing with freedom. His golf swing is longer than ever, and it has certainly never been so fluid. "

Woods had certain shots that could have caused problems, Chamblee said. During the second round, for example, Woods had to take a blow from the bunker at No. 12. The next day he found the thick rough at No. 13. But it didn't seem to bother him – including tough conditions and some fog that delayed the start of his third round.

"Warming up in the cold and fog, and having to stop and start, stop and start, "Chamblee said." These things are not good for a bad back. "

But Woods survived. And in Los Angeles he has a new chance to make more history by winning a job where he has never won, after all these years the show continues.

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