Tiger Woods Remixes Golf and Family

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ORLANDO, Fla. – As he does with the accessories in his golf bag, Tiger Woods organizes his life neatly in tidy compartments. His life as a high-profile golfer goes in one slot, his family in another and, like his favorite peanut butter and banana sandwiches and the rest of his baggage, he prefers to keep it all separate.

When Woods made an exception this week, along with his 11-year-old son Charlie, at the PNC Championship, the results may have been predictably clear.

Charlie had a great time and Woods was nervous wreckage.

The dynamic duo, as they were described by breathless television announcers, finished seventh out of 20 under, five strokes behind the winning team of Justin Thomas and his father, Mike, who teamed up with the Woodses in the first round.

But as far as Tiger Woods was concerned, this was an event where success was all about the details, not the numbers.

"I'll just make sure Charlie has the time of his life," he said Saturday.

Woods' father, Earl, who died in 2006, owned a proud of his child's precocity at a golf club that led to Woods, 44, who made his first television appearances and submitted to his first interviews before entering kindergarten.

Because of Woods' achievements, including 15 Major titles, Charlie has also grown up in the spotlight, photographed extensively and gawking since birth.In the past year, as his interests have shifted from football to golf, his swing has been scrutinized on the internet as if he of life.

"This is another world we live in now," Woods admitted. "Everyone has a phone, everyone has the option to film, he's been out there."

But it's one thing to exist in a fishbowl and quite another to be dropped into the shark tank of a 36-hole television. competition with 20 teams combining big winners or Players champions with family members in a scramble format.

With Tiger and his cub in the mix, the low-key event turned into a big production, overshadowing the LPGA & # 39; s tour championship, about 200 miles – and a distant universe of hype – far away and won by the world's No. 1 women's world, Jin Young Ko. More than 200 people and multiple television cameras gathered around the first tee to watch Charlie & # 39; s opening shot Saturday.

"A lot of people try to use it to build things up, write or talk about things," says Woods. said. "Just make sure he can have fun playing golf."

Woods insisted that Charlie be excused all week for media interviews. When he met reporters, Tiger Woods' usual manner of talking escaped him. Much of his thoughts disappeared.

"I'm trying to make sure Charlie has the right environment, that he's sheltered and away from this," Woods said Saturday, addressing a small group of reporters. "I'm doing all this so he can practice and play and enjoy the golf side of it."

On one hole during the first round, Woods spoke to Justin Thomas about how excruciating it was to want so badly for Charlie to play well, but helpless to do anything but watch.

Tiger Woods needn't have bothered. Charlie played from the front tees set up for him and the eighteen-year-old Gary Player, 85, and Lee Trevino, 81, shared the fairway with most of his drives and often put his approaches into his father's efforts.

The Opening The round saw Charlie's first-ever eagle on a par-5, which he passed until his excited father squeezed a shy smile from him with a bear hug.

"He hit some of the most incredible golf shots," Woods said.

In introducing the golf world to his son, Woods revealed the man behind the golf machine. Woods, an 82-time PGA Tour winner who says he competes to win, used the word "perfect" repeatedly on Saturday. to describe a round that ended trailing the Woodses by four strokes.

Woods can drill holes in his competitors' matches with a gleam, but a few times over the weekend his eyes came together with emotion when he spoke of the father-and-son bond the tournament offered.

From his mannerisms to his mechanics, Charlie came across as a miniature version of his father. He seemed comfortable in the company of adults and well-trained in golf etiquette, walking to each tee box with the club he was going to use in one hand and his teedball in the other. He stayed out of the way when it wasn't his turn and didn't waste time hitting the ball once.

Tiger Woods, who said he constantly stressed that he was having fun on the track and "respectful". beamed at Charlie's mention of good manners and told him to share all the credit with his ex-wife, Elin Nordegren, who showed up Sunday to watch Charlie play.

Neither Thomas nor Woods were surprised at the quality photos Charlie consistently produced. They had all seen them practicing and playing alongside him in the months the tour was cut short due to the coronavirus pandemic.

"I knew he would amaze a lot of people," said Thomas, adding, "The boy is a gamer, he's a grinder, he's competitive."

Every afternoon, when he finished playing 18 holes, Charlie made his way to the range to hit more balls. In a post-round session, the kids of another big winner were not far from him on the shooting range. As they spun and threw their clubs back and forth as if they were clubs, screaming to get their parents' attention, Charlie was a few yards away, quietly and methodically working his way through a bag of balls.

The retired L.P.G.A. star Annika Sorenstam, a 10-time big winner, commented that her 9-year-old son seemed in love with Charlie and was more enthusiastic about the game after seeing him play.

"When you have someone your age and your size doing what Charlie does, it's a little more inspiring to see what you can do," said Sorenstam.

Trevino crossed Woods for the first round. "Now you know how your father felt," he said to him.

Woods' voice grew thick. "It's unbelievable," he replied.

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