Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing

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A Few Tips To Improve Your Golf Swing

Do you like golf? Do you play it regularly? Do you want to improve your game? If yes, read on to learn some juicy insider tips to improve your golf swing.


So, if you are a golf player, you probably have a lot of problems with the golf swing. Don’t worry, it is not an easy task and you are surely not the only one who has problems when improving it. Here are a few tips about golf swing what you may consider next time you play.

It is very important, that you must swing through the ball and not at it. It means that you have to put a tee 6-7 inches in front of the golf ball and when you swing, hit not just the ball but the tee as well. If you repeat this a few times successfully, you will surely swing through the ball when playing.

You can’t forget about the tempo of your swing. You don’t have to be either too slow or quick. Your arms must lead you, so smoothly draw your club away with the arms, and then your body will follow. If you do it right, your left shoulder will turn lightly and your weight will transfer to your right side. If you want to do this better, try to pull with the left arm from the top of the swing. So, keep the tempo!

There is another very interesting (or may I call it strange?) method to achieve a powerful swing and maximum distance. If you try to imagine a pole which comes out of the ground where the ball is at that moment and try to get your left shoulder behind the golf ball and the pole on the takeaway and you don’t sway your hips, you will find yourself in a very good and comfortable position to start the downswing. Then your right shoulder will move past the golf ball and the pole. It’s a useful weight shift, isn’t it?

You must consider the wind when you play. It puts to trouble for most golf players, I mean, how to swing, how to hit when the weather is windy, etc. Of course, there are a plenty of research papers, articles and books about the ‘dangerous relationship’ of the golf and the wind but instead of a long study, here is a citation by Greg Norman who won the 1994 British Open: ‘Swing with ease into the breeze’… So, don’t worry about the wind, just try not to over swing in the wind and defend your golf ball from ‘high sailing’.

So, if you use our tips above, your golf swing will be much better, more effective, and last but not least, more beautiful. Enjoy your game.



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