Twisting Golf Bags – Tips for keeping your golf cart running

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Does your golf bag set your golf cart? Does that affect your game or less fun? If this is the case, this article can give you a few tips to prevent your bag from twisting.

Golf bag exchange takes place on some trolleys, because some bag manufacturers advertise non-spinning functions on their bags.

If you use a walking golf cart, you may notice that your golf bag rotates occasionally. And if you look like me, you find that worsening. What to do? Solutions to this problem fall into two general categories (1) purchased in the store or (2) homemade.

1. Store-bought solutions:

Some golf bag manufacturers advertise non-spinning functions on their bags. The manufactured non-twist solutions fall into the following general categories:

  • Anti-twist sleeves : the carriage belt is threaded through the anti-twist sleeve of the bag
  • ]

  • Antitrill belt : a strap on the bag is attached to the frame of the car.
  • Anti-slip materials applied to the bottom of the bag
  • The shape of the bottom of the bag

There is also a hint in the advertisements of the manufacturer that the weight of the bag or the distribution of club weight may be the cause of pivot rotation.

2. Home-made solutions:

Before you start buying a replacement bag, we suggest you try the following ideas first. All are cheap. We recommend that they be tried in the order shown.

  1. Check the weight distribution of your clubs to see if the distribution can be better balanced without detracting from the easy access to your clubs.
  2. Look in your bag if a carrying strap or straps can be conveniently threaded through some sort of pocket strap or opening.
  3. Prepare a bungee cord, fix it around a part of the frame (the bottom is probably better) and tighten it. This could add just enough power to prevent the bag from turning.
  4. Alternatively, with the bungee cord looking for a belt or hole through which it could be threaded. Kind of a make-shift anti-twist bag cover. (On my bag is an unused under umbrella hole that would probably work well.)
  5. Reverse solution # 4 so that the bungee cord is attached to the bag and then strung through part of the frame of the cart.
  6. Find some anti-slip material (like in kitchen cabinets) and glue it on the bottom of your bag.
  7. You can also apply the same anti-slip material to the cart itself on the bottom support or in the upper belt.
  8. If all of these solutions fail, you might want to consider buying a lighter bag with the "non-twist" feature of the manufacturer.

One of these solutions should work for your situation. hope you found these tips useful to make your golf experience more enjoyable.

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