Vintage Westinghouse electric golf carts

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The forerunner of Westinghouse is the Marketer Company. A brief history is meant to correctly describe the history of Westinghouse and their electric golf cart.

Merle Williams started the Marketer Company in the middle of WW II, when gas rationing came into effect. He designed and developed a compact electric vehicle for his wife. While others saw his beautiful creation, they called for more and so the company was born. It was not until 1951 that he developed the first electric vehicle specially designed for golf. Peggy and Merle sold Marketeer to Westinghouse in 1965.

Westinghouse continued to build electric golf carts and other electric vehicles until they sold the business to Nordskog Industries in 1978. The most popular Westinghouse electric golf cart is probably the four wheel 436 series

The current economic situation today is not as different as in the time of William Merle, we are in the middle of the war against a war, gas may not be rationed, but it gets so expensive that the average man can not afford me. And the current hot-sentence is "going green". And everyone sings the praise to go electric. You would think it was a new concept. The truth is that there is nothing "new" about electric vehicles at all. They have gone along with the rise of gas-powered machines, like the Stanley Steamer, electric cars that have been thrown away for a long time, but they are coming back. And in fact, in a small but growing circle, they never really left.

Many vintage Westinghouse golf carts are still available and there are still a number of collectors, enthusiasts and admirers, still today. The following is an extensive list of some suppliers of vintage electric golf carts and their parts and service.

Fairway Golf carts in Palm Harbor, Florida, USA.

Jerico Enterprises in Montrose Minnesota.USA

Kenfield Golf Cars Austin Texas USA

Vintage golf cart parts Port Townsend Washington, USA.

New England Golf Cars Seekonk Massachusetts, United States

Fairway Golf Car Corp. Medford New York, USA

Kenfield Golf Cars Austin Texas USA

Golf carts from Texas Kemah Texas USA

Vintage golf cart parts Port Townsend Washington, USA.

Carts Plus (division of AutoPlace) Kelowna British Columbia Canada

There are also a lot of classified online available and the prices found range from $ 600.00 to $ 1200.00 and up depending on the year and the state.

There are also a few clubs and newsletters with which vintage Westinghouse enthusiasts of electric golf carts can communicate and share stories, ideas, trade items and more. Most electric batteries contain 8 volts and last for about eight hours when they are fully charged. A great economical way to travel around and also a wonderful collector's item.

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