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Do you want to know the optical illusion that causes your wave plaque and can heal it immediately? Or do you want to read the rest of your life by reading golf books and magazines and videos & imbecile "Tin Cup" constructions that never find the cure for your dreaded waveplate until you go to heaven and your tombstone is : "You can never manage to cure his wave plaque."

Do not you think it's weird that your self-confidence is linked to your last golf game? If your lawn is covered with weeds and you mow it, the weeds will always come back. It is important to determine the cause of the problem, otherwise your segment will always return. You have to sit on your knees with your $ 2 hoe and pull the weeds out of the ground. It is important to know the optical illusion that causes your slice and it is important to know how to heal it in one movement. Then you can regain your self-confidence from your end of life.

Did you have 500 golf lessons to heal your plaque every time you thought, "I got it!" after striking a few nice straight shots and ending the lesson with a high note to get your slice back as a bad cold the next time you visit the links? Do you feel embarrassed as a complete stuff every time this pattern returns?

There are countless fantastic golf instructors. Where are they? Are they hiding under stones like the financial advisor who started your pension fund?

It is claimed that there are five foundations for golf. There is only one. Suppose your golf pro looks at your setup and sees that your shoulders are left-aligned. Then he sees that you take the club outside and at the top of your left wrist. Then you come out, cut the ball and cut it repeatedly. Ask yourself the following question: "Is it in the interests of my golf professional to fix all of this immediately or would he earn more money so I can suffer chronic pain for the rest of my life?" Ask him?

O.K. It is time to release you from suffering once and for all, and for free, right away. Focus now. Enter your address position. Look at your hands. Where is the gap between your left thumb and index finger pointing? You know it must point to your right shoulder and that's it, right? Wrong. This is the optical illusion that ruined your life, keeping you in the margins until nightfall and ruining your marriage.

Arnold Palmer says in his book that you have to spend the first year of your golf career on your grip. It is important to place the grip of the middle pad of your index finger just above your little finger and then place the heel cushion of your left hand above the grip, so that the bat will rise well on the backswing; but you knew that.

Now go back to your address position. Look at your hands. Look where the gap between thumb and index finger points. It points to your right shoulder, right? Wrong. This is the optical illusion that ruffs your shoulder alignment and golf swing and causes your slice. Here is how you can cure it immediately and permanently and stop cutting your golf balls in the right forest and sand catchers. From your address position with a 7 iron, use your hands to lift your 7 iron until your hands are in front of your diaphragm and your golf club bag is perfectly vertical on the ground, straight up and down and the head of the golf club points towards the air. Now take your right hand from the club. Now, where is the gap between your left thumb and your index finger pointing? "My God, it points to my chest! My grip is too weak! This opens my shoulders at my address, forces me to bring out the club and cut it! My God, I am healed!"

Now turn your left hand a touch clockwise, to the right, until the slit points to your right shoulder, but not beyond that or you will crochet. All of a sudden your shoulders are parallel to the line, your club takes the right path back, returns to the ball on the right path and your drive is gone. Working lifelong on your shoulder alignment, your golf swing and all kinds of compensations, all because when you look at your hands an optical illusion shows you that your slit points towards your right shoulder while the slit is actually pointing at your chest. Do not be mad at your golf pro, he did not know this either. From his position he is sensitive to the same optical illusion. Give the man a break. For millions of years everyone thought that the earth was flat. Nobody knew that the earth had the same shape as a golf ball. It is not right.

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