Webb, Healy struck pro-am for six

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It was difficult to say who had more fun – Karrie Webb or the women in her pro-am group.

Webb, the five-time Australian Open champion, was a hero for her game partners because of her heroic deeds on the world's golf courses

But not so well known is that Webb is actually a huge cricket fan and was pleased to share a group with Belinda feature film player T20 of the year today and Belinda Clarke medalist Alyssa Healy and her WBBL colleagues Andrea McCauley and Eliza Bartlett, both Adelaide Strikers.

Webb and Healy, who had husband and Australian pace bowler Mitch Starc as caddy, spent centuries during their rounds and talked about the virtues of each other's sport.

And just as Healy, an eight handicapper, was in love with Webb's prowess and consistency close-up, Webb was also an admirer of one of the brightest stars of Australian cricket.

"When she was warmed up, she started cracking a few," Webb said about Healy.

"There were a few bunkers, I said, just hit the bunker, you can not get there, and then she hit the right in the bunker, so …

"I think everyone was a bit nervous to start the day, and it was cold and not very nice." When the sun came up, everyone started to beat it very well

"It was fantastic, I grew up with a huge cricket fan … and I think it's just the coolest thing for women to play cricket on TV.

"I just see myself as a little girl and I was stuck with it because all my favorite cricketers were boys, and … I'm a trampic cricket, so there are a lot of memories of watching cricket.

So even to meet Mitch, the husband of Alyssa, was also great. And so we have only spoken cricket all day. And then they spoke golf.

"They are as passionate about golf as I am about cricket, so it's great.

"All three of today's girls were all great, and they all have the ability to play well when they have the time in their lives to practice in. That was a really nice day."

Webb, 41 times winner of the LPGA Tour, but in 2019 a part-time player, still has uncontrolled goals on the golf course and would like to add a first South Australian location to her list of courses with which she won the national championship.

She showed more than flashes of that brilliance with a seven-under-par 65 in the Vic Friday's round two last week, but could not support it in strong winds on Saturday.

But she said that that best time was not far from the time she won almost all major championships.

"It was fairly close, not only because of the score I made, but I thought so," said Webb

"I asked the right questions to get the information I needed from Darren, my caddy, and then I made the photos that I said I was going to do, and then I made some putts.

"For me it's not the physical part I'm struggling with, it's the mental part of it, and that day the game was just – it was not an easy day, it was pretty windy in the afternoon – but the game just came on a natural way to me.

"My mind was very quiet and my decision-making was really good.

"And then I was able to carry out what I needed."

Webb said that if she could not be the one who would break the four-year drought of Australia, which goes back to her victory at Victoria in 2014, she would like to love a fellow countryman this week.

"I'd rather see an Australian flag at the top of the leaderboard than any other flag," she said with a broad smile.

Minjee Lee, the world No.7, seems the most likely of the Australian contingent.

For its part, the young Perther is aware of the hope of the Australian public, but does not let it influence her way of thinking.

"I'm not sure if you want to call it a burden, but there's clearly some expectation, and I want to play well, because it's the Open of my country," she said.

"So, yes, probably more expectation about myself than anything."

Lee's putter led her astray in the Vic Open, but she is convinced that some good early putts will soon change that tomorrow.

" I think I just had to see some putts rolling in the hole, I did not do anything last week … it was a bit windy and the conditions were difficult, but hopefully I can do something for the first few days arrange and it will be better. "

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