Windy conditions suit Bagust with Senior Am

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Leader David Bagust in line for his putt

A new leader appeared at the top of the rankings after round 2 of the Senior Amateur of Australian Men.

Turbulent circumstances proved to be difficult for most of the field, but not for David Bagust of Port Macquarie.

After a round of 74 yesterday, Bagust knew a brilliant score from one under par, and wrote his experience when playing in windy conditions to converting his sub-par score today in Maroochy.

“I was pretty consistent off the tee and hit many good iron shots. I played a lot of golf in the wind, so I know how to keep it low. I was also lucky because I had quite a few shots that landed close to the hole and stayed there. "

Bagust will enter the final round tomorrow with a lead from one colleague of colleague New South Welshman Lester Peterson from Bardwell Valley.

In the event of the state teams, QLD and NSW jumped to the top of the pack with just one shot between the two teams, with 2018 champion team VIC still claiming two shots back.

Click here for full results & draw 3.

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