Wooster & # 039; s shot at revenge

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Sue Wooster chips in for birdie during her semi-final. Photo: USGA

It is nice to know that Sue Wooster does not dwell on the past while she is standing in line for an unlikely chance of her own piece of golf history.

Wooster today booked its second consecutive appearance in the US Senior Women & # 39; s Amateur Final and, more notably, will face the same opponent in tomorrow's final.

But asked after her pairing semi-final win what she would take from last year's loss to Lara Tennant, Wooster was unusually blunt.

"Losing," she replied, pointing to a continuation of the laissez-faire style she adopted throughout the week at Cedar Rapids Country Club, Iowa.

"Imagine, 132 players and it comes down to us again."

Wooster, as she did the day before against the highly renowned No.2 seed Ellen Port, won both games today on the 18th green.

The Victorian knocked down the Irish Laura Webb in a quarter-final in the morning and then backed up to throw the Californian Caryn Wilson into the semi-final, both 1-up.

In both cases, she made a par on the 292m 18th hole while her opponent struggled with the demanding green. Webb had three putted, while Wilson needed four more to get behind the green.

Wooster also defeated USGA champion Port seven times on the 18th in the round of 32 when Port double-bogeyed.

"It is the most serious green I've ever played," said Wooster, who finished 40th in the inaugural US Senior Women & # 39; s Open last year.

"But I always made a nice shot, under the hole, so that could have given me a bit of an advantage."

Wooster, 57, said earlier in the week that her loss in last year's final to Tennant had shaken her for a short time.

But she said she wouldn't think much of it if she used an aggressive approach to the final.

"I'm just going to give it all. This morning on the eighth (against Laura Webb) I almost lost that game.

"I went out this afternoon with the attitude (to Wilson) that I would give everything and just play much more aggressively. If I won, I won. If I didn't, then what. I & # 39; I'll be happy . "

Wilson arranged the game with a par on the par-15 15th, and Wooster picked up a return putt for par on the 17th to keep the game level before he won the 18th for the third time.

"Last year I felt that my game was a lot better," said Wooster.

"It has been a bit everywhere and I just play a little on feeling. My well has been good.

"It's just great – last year because I hit the ball very well and I hit many greens, this year it was (just) pure determination to try the final again."

Tennant, from Oregon, came relatively quickly through her games en route to her 11th victory in 12 games in her three years at this tournament.

This is the first time in 58 editions of the US Senior Women & # 39; s Amateur that the finalists of the previous year will meet again in the championship competition. Tennant defeated Wooster 3 and 2 in Florida last October.

The 18-hole final starts tonight at 11.30 am (Australian Eastern Time)


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