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Julienne Soo on the 1st T-piece in 2019 Queen Sirikit Cup on Glenelg GC.

Each of the 41 players at Glenelg for the Queen Sirikit Cup this week necessarily has a big year in their young career.

But few have the full book of the Australian Julienne Soo.

The Melburnian, who will compose Sydney duo Doey Choi and Steph Kyriacou, makes her debut debut in green and gold debut in Adelaide this week.

But it is only the beginning for the Woodlands Golf Club Tyro, which will be 22 later this month.

Soo then returns to her base at the University of Oklahoma to prepare for the biggest week of her young career, with an invitation for the inaugural Augusta National Women's Amateur for the chance to play at the home of the Masters, a day earlier than the first lords of the year. great championship.

From there, it will return to Japan at the end of April as part of the six-member Aussie contingent for the Women's Amateur Asia Pacific.

And that is when it becomes super hectic.

Back to the United States for a busy end of the college season, including the NCAA national final campaign for her Sooners.

She then graduates in May and will almost immediately become a professional to record the status of the Symetra Tour she achieved last year with good results at the Q-school of the LPGA Tour.

"It's been a huge couple of months … a huge year," Soo said with an understatement as she tuned in Adelaide this week.

"I am graduating (in May), but I have all these cool tournaments in line, and there are almost too many, which is clearly a very good problem.

"But everything is in line, I get all these invitations to play as an amateur in my last season, so it will be pretty cool to have all these things checked off, especially Augusta, I'm quite enthusiastic about that.

"I become pro immediately after the national nationals (NCAA championships) have finished and then we are on the road, it is certainly a busy year ahead."

You could excuse Soo if she would watch this week's upcoming date with Augusta.

But the Victorian, who led her to victory in the Interstate Series 2015 against Hannah Green's Western Australia before going to the collegiate scene in the US, is extremely proud to have been chosen for the Queen Sirikit Cup team of this week

"It's really good, and of course I do not get many chances to do it because I'm away from home, so it's really cool to bring out that green and gold bag and put on the uniform," she beamed.

"It's the next level here: Team golf is big at the university, but it's cool to have it in a national sense and to represent your country and to do that with that team aspect is great.

"Many people have not seen me play much for four years when I went to university, so it will be interesting.

"I've joined every year to play almost one tournament, so I hope they've seen some kind of progress, but it's pretty cool to hopefully show them a big difference this time."

The trip to Georgia next month, however, will pop up in her mind just as she travels the plane back over the Pacific after her adventure in South Australia.

The groundbreaking 54-hole Augusta National Women's Amateur will have 36 holes at the Champions Retreat Golf Club in Augusta on 3-4 April, a practice round in Augusta National on April 5 and then, for the top 30 that make the cut , a competition round in the house of the Masters on 6 April.

"It has not really happened to me," Soo said with a broad smile.

"Last year, I never thought I'd get the chance to play in Augusta, or even see it because tickets are so hard to get, so until I step on that plane and go to Augusta, it's probably not going to hit me .

"But then I think it will be" Oh my god, it & # 39; s happening & # 39;

"It's just so great because it's clearly been very limited for women to come into Augusta National, and even more amazingly that it's for amateurs, not even for professionals, and I'll have that first chance to get there and play So how cool is that?!?

"I try to put as little pressure on me as possible (about making the cut).

"So my view is that even if I do not play (on the day of the tournament), I will still be able to see the course that will be great in itself – and I have tickets in line for a few friends, so it will be great.

"But at the same time I really want to cut that, which would be unbelievable."

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