Masters 2020: & # 039; Soft & # 039; Augusta National gives Bryson DeChambeau & # 039; huge advantage & # 039;

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Bryson DeChambeau enters the Masters as number six in the world Date: August 12-15 Location : Augusta National Coverage: Radio and text commentary online with in-play clips. Daily Highlights on BBC Two – full details here

A "soft" Augusta National will greatly increase Bryson DeChambeau's chances of winning his first Masters this week, says the coach of the US Open champion.

Cooler, possibly wetter conditions than usual at Augusta this week can cause the track to run longer than usual.

"The track is going to be super soft, so Bryson wearing it 320, 330 yards is a huge advantage," said Mike Schy.

"If you look at Matthew Wolff, second at the US Open, he hit it pretty far, but the fairways were hard and fast, while Bryson carried it 50 yards past him.

"The man who can carry it furthest will be a huge advantage. "

This will be DeChambeau & # 39; s fourth appearance at the Masters, his best finish comi

Schy says 27-year-old Augusta "knows and understands" and tipped him off to win a Green Jacket.

"Bryson loves that place", he told BBC Sport. "It's one thing to say 'I love Augusta', it's another thing to say 'I love it so much I want every inch of it know & # 39 ;.

"That's how Bryson prepares for Augusta. He knows the greens extremely well, he knows the nuances of the golf course extremely well. It's a place he loves.

"I fully expect him to win a Masters someday, if not more, because he's just made for that spot and possibly even more so now with the added length. "

DeChambeau leads the PGA Tour with an average driving distance of 344.4 yards this season – world number one Dustin Johnson is 328.8 and Rory McIlroy 325.3 – and Schy says the absence of customers and serious roughness opens the course in his favor.

The number six in the world has actually made a 403 meter driveway and may even try to climb the pines. clear the dog-leg par-five 13th to reach the 14th fairway, giving him a better angle in the green.

How DeChambeau hit the 13th hole can play at Augusta National – most drives usually end in the trees where the fairway is narrowest

"I think it's doable, because nobo dy is there to block the ball and in a bad spot to end, ”added Schy. "It will be interesting if that is available. If the ball can roll through that, then that is certainly in play."

Schy says, however, that DeChambeau has not become a big winner. using brute force alone, his extra distance from the tee improving his confidence and overall play.

"The reality is that the reason Bryson does what he does is that his wells have improved. So dramatically in the last year and a half," said Schy. "What the length has done and the fact that he has hit it so far has given him more confidence.

" Confidence translates into approaching shots and certainly his wells. and how he played the game. He also hits it far and straight, it has increased his confidence exponentially.

"He's become a great putter, and to win at Augusta you have to be a great putter. He's currently a top 10 putter in the world, I would say probably number one. "

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