Orkney Island Westray claims to have the UK's longest golf course

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By David Delday
BBC Scotland Reporter

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A golf course on a small Scottish island claims to be home to the longest hole in the UK.

The record was believed to be held by a par six at West Midlands Golf Club in Barston, Solihull, measuring 725 yards (663 m).

Now, however, Orkney Island Westray has emerged with a par six at a hefty 738 yards (675 m).

The longest in the world is believed to be a 964 yards (881m) par seven hole at Satsuki Golf Club in Japan.

Westray & # 39; s long third hole was created during a course redesign a few years ago, merging two par four holes into one.

Until now, however, it has more or less disappeared under the radar without extensive efforts to publish it.

There are plans to change that after the coronavirus pandemic with the club's message to come to Westray and "take the shortest flight in the world and play the longest hole in the UK".

This is because Westray has already made a claim to a record at the other end of the scale – the world's shortest planned flight.

The 1.7 mile stretch between Westray and Papa Westray takes two minutes, but can be done in 47 seconds if the wind helps.

Westray has a population of just under 600.

Two greenkeepers are employed to maintain the nine hole course that is on the edge from the village of Pierowall.

Bill Turnbull – who is one of the greenkeepers and has just stepped down from a five-year stint as gentlemen's captain – said it is challenging for visitors and local players alike.

"It can be parried, it can be poultry," he said. "There are a few members who have poultry it. On a windy day a bogey is a good score.

" A small golf ball is simply affected by the wind, even on the green the ball remains and a small move slightly in the wind.

"It's all about people coming here and playing the long hole. It's a great facility for the island."

The club hopes to get funding so that it can build a clubhouse in the near future.

Michael McEwan, digital editor of the golf magazine Bunkered, explained why somewhere else in the world has been so long.

"The reason the holes are so long is generally the height they are at.

" Because they are higher, especially in Colorado for example, the sky is a lot thinner so the ball would travel farther through it, so the number on the scorecard is not necessarily a reflection of what the at hole would play as yard-for-yard.

"So an 800 meter hole in Colorado could really be something about 550 yards at sea level.

" That's what makes Westray particularly interesting, that it's 738 yards that I next to the beach – it is exposed. "

Zigzagging along the fairway

image caption BBC Scotland & # 39; s David Delday lost sight of his score

I'm not a golfer so it may not have been the best place to start with one of the longest holes in the world.

I enlist the help of one of Orkney & # 39; s top players Michael Schinkel, who thinks if I can & # 39; keep it straight & # 39; it will be fine.

That turns out to be a problem when my drive ends in the long grass By the time I get out my chances of a par are way off After zigzagging the fairway the tee is long gone I have two putt keep my I think score somewhere under 30.

Meanwhile, Michael hits three shots, one chip and two putts to parry the hole. bad for a first try.

Oh, and when you're done, there's a huge hill to get to the par-5 fourth hole just 100 yards from the tee, which is probably just as difficult.


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