Support our ruined NQ golf clubs

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Devastation at Townsville Golf Club. Courtesy of Course Superintendent Jason Foster.

Golf Australia will conduct a fundraising campaign for golf clubs destroyed by record-breaking floods in northern Queensland with the support of the legendary Karrie Webb.

Chief executive Stephen Pitt announced at the ISPS Handa Women's Australian Open in Adelaide that an online donation campaign would be led by Golf Australia. He said that public donations of more than $ 2 would be tax-deductible and that GA would also provide support through government policies.

"It has taken a huge toll on those communities," Pitt said

"From a wave perspective, it has destroyed a number of clubs, we've had 16 that have suffered incredible damage, and there's probably a damage bill in excess of $ 20 million, so it's very important.

"From the point of view of Golf Australia – and I know that Karrie & # 39; s immediately experience that this is located in Townsville and has done a lot of work with the Townsville Golf Club, among other things – we want to start a fundraising campaign to help all those clubs that are affected and to have some lobbying by the government to try to get some extra support.

"There are clubs that stay under water, there are clubs where greens are washed away, it is heartbreaking, especially because they are really important facilities within communities, we would like to have a charge and bond together to help those clubs and get them back on to get the leg. "

More than 1050 mm of rain fell in Townsville in the week until February 4 with Upper Bluewater, west of the city, with an uptake of 2068 mm in eight days.

Webb, who lives in Australia when he lived in Townsville, said that the floods have been devastating for many of her friends

"Naturally growing up in the north of Queensland we have experienced floods before, but never to this extent, at least not in my life", she said.

"I'm just destitute for the community in North Queensland, especially the community in Townsville, my family was all very lucky, but I have a lot of friends who were not so lucky and who had different degrees of flooding through their homes, and the cleaning went on and my heart goes out to everyone in Townsville who has to deal with that. "

Ricki Lasky, LPGA's chief tournament business officer, said that everyone on Tour was familiar with the extreme weather in Queensland.

"It really hits home when you see the damage around Townsville and especially when it is an area so close to Karrie's heart," Lasky said.

"The LPGA family maintains close ties with Australia and we extend our sincere sympathies to all concerned."

The support program for clubs and facilities of Golf Australia supports 21 clubs in the affected areas, with advice on disaster recovery and assistance to obtain funding through the Queensland Government's Disaster Recovery Program

Fundraising events will be held in Queensland for the benefit of anyone affected by the floods. In the meantime, donations to affected clubs can be made via

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