Golf Lessons Darwin

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Looking for Golf Lessons in Darwin then you have come to the right spot, as for such a small city, Darwin has a lot of golf courses you can choose from. There is the Darwin Golf Club at North Lakes, the RAAF Golf Club beside Bagot Road, Gardens Park Golf Links, and the Flight Path Golf and […]

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Fantasy golf

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Fantasy golf allow everyday people to live out the life of a sports manager or talent scout. Fantasy players have played for years, but once fantasy sports were available on the internet their popularity soared. While fantasy football and baseball still lead in popularity, fantasy golf is being played more and more each year. Almost […]

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Popular China Golfing Destinations

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China Golfing Destinations Along with the remarkable transformation of China’s geographic and cultural landscapes comes an equally remarkable influx of golf courses and resorts in the region.   More than 200 courses have opened in the past few decades created by the game’s most famous architects and PGA Pros and they have been given virtually unlimited […]

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Benefits of Golf

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There is absolutely no doubt that golf is sweeping the world off its feet. There are many who believe that no major social gathering is complete without a golf outing; that no major convention is complete without a golf tournament; and some major weddings must schedule prenuptial tee-off times for the bride, the groom, and […]

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No More Missing Golf During The Winter

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If you are an avid golfer and golf is the game you love to enjoy during the spring, summer and fall months, you can now enjoy a game of golf during the winter with a golf vacation or a game of golf in your own home. The cost of a vacation may not be your […]

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Men And Women go Golfing Together

Posted by Golf coach on September 13, 2014  /   1 comment

Men have been playing golf for years, but you do not hear much about women playing golf as much as you do men. The fact is that women have been playing golf as long as men have. Some of the world’s best women golfers are deceased now, but in their time, they were the top […]

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Women Golf Clothes

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Look Great with Stylish Women Golf Clothes Today’s women’s golf clothes offers an incredible variety of fashion choices designed to allow you to play in comfort and style – both on and off the course. Whether you’re on the fairway or in the clubhouse, it’s important to look your best. Today’s women’s golf clothing offers […]

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Shoes for golf

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Many golfers dont give much thought to their golf shoes. After all, they’re just footwear, right? No, thats wrong. Actually, your golf shoes can make the difference between a good golf swing and a great golf swing. You will also want to pick a golf shoe that is healthy for you and your feet. I […]

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Children Learning To Play Golf

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Children Learning To Play Golf. Most schools recognize golf as a sport and have golf teams. They teach the kids the art of golfing with instructional videos and professional lessons. Parents sometimes send their children to golf schools if they express an interest in playing golf. Golf is a family sport if you want it […]

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