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Fantasy golf allow everyday people to live out the life of a sports manager or talent scout. Fantasy players have played for years, but once fantasy sports were available on the internet their popularity soared.

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While fantasy football and baseball still lead in popularity, fantasy golf is being played more and more each year. Almost all of the large fantasy sport sites run fantasy golf leagues. The entry fees are set at different prices. There are some games you can play for free. Other games charge a set fee to play or a fee each time you make a transaction. Typically, the larger the entry fee, the more experienced the players are.

The rules vary depending on which league you decide to enter but typically you will form teams of pro golfers each week. Your score depends on how well your players do. Fantasy league typically run the entire golf season ending with the Tour Championship. However, some leagues will start games midseason where only the rankings from that point on will count for your score totals.

In addition to the fun of playing, most fantasy games offer cash prizes to those who have done the best at the conclusion of the season. A league might also offer weekly prizes to the top performer of that week.

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Golf fantasy teams are scored many ways. In most fantasy golf leagues, the top points are given to the golfer who finishes with the lowest score in each round. Additional points are given to golfers who finish in the top ten or are a certain number of strokes behind the winner.

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If an individual is interested in playing fantasy golf, most fantasy league websites have in-depth analysis of each pro golfer. Experts in the field of golf will often weigh in on who they think has the best chance of winning. There is historical data to see how a golfer performs at a particular golf course. In-depth analysis and biographies of each player are also available. Information is constantly being updated for golf fanatics. Even for someone who does not want to play in a league themselves, a fantasy site is a great place to get the latest information about golf.

Many people believe that fantasy leagues are good for the game of golf. People who play fantasy sports are likely to become more invested in watching broadcasts, attending tournaments, and purchasing items to assist them with their teams. Fantasy golf gives golf fans a way to be involved with professional golf, even if their scorecard reaches triple digits.

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