Changed rules added to GA events

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Australians Shane Luke and Stephen Prior.

The adjusted rules for golf for players with disabilities are added to the conditions for all Golf Australia tournaments and competitions.

The modified rules are for players with physical, intellectual or sensory limitations and their addition to the & # 39; Hard Card & # 39; Golf Australia will offer more play opportunities for more golfers across the country.

Developed by The R & A and the USGA, the Modified Rules ensure a fair playing field for all golfers.

Some of the amended rules include blind golfers who have access to an assistant while playing, the use of prosthetic devices for amputees, the use of aids for help mobility and assistance with dropping and entering and leaving bunkers.

The addition of the changed rules will also create more openings for players hoping to improve the WR4GD rankings, potentially leading to takeoffs in global tournaments such as the European Teams Championship and Australian All Abilities Championship.

Held for the first time during the Emirates Australian Open last November, the Australian All-Abilities Championship received attention all over the world.

Twelve of the world's best All Abilities golfers played at the same time as the pro & # 39; s same course, putting the inclusive nature of our game in the spotlight.

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