Tee Off Golf Tips

Posted by Golf coach on April 27, 2015  /   no comment

Before you even decided on which driver to use follow these tee off golf tips as you walk up to the first tee. You have the option of teeing your ball anywhere between, but not forward of, the markers. Don’t forget that you can also tee it a maximum of two club lengths behind the […]

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Improve your golf swing timing

Posted by Golf coach on February 07, 2015  /   1 comment

To improve your golf swing timing we only have to bring the club head down through the same line time after time; we must bring it down so that the club face is square with the ball at the instant of impact—and because the path of the club head is a curve, this means that […]

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6 Tips To Give You A Great Golf Swing

Posted by Golf coach on September 18, 2014  /   no comment

Even golf super heroes need these 6 Golf Swing Tips to help drive the bad guys out… In my game I have adopted the simplest possible swing and have insisted that as many shots as possible should be played with fundamentally the same movements. Now that I have outlined the idea of teaching by feel […]

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