What is the difference between golf bags for men and women

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Golf is a really popular game for both men and women. A recent survey estimated that nearly 6 million women play golf every year in the United States, which accounts for 22% of the total number of golfers who play every year. Given the success of many young female golfers, this upward trend is likely to increase in the near future. To this extent there is an increasing demand for golf equipment for ladies. This article will indicate the main differences between male and female golf equipment, with specific reference to the difference in women's bag. It will also highlight the essential things you need if you plan to add this piece of equipment to your inventory.

Ladies' bags – lighter and much cooler?

In principle there is not much difference between a male and a female golf bag. Ultimately, in practical terms, it comes down to dimensions and weight. And in more subjective terms, the bag will look more fashionable and feminine.

In practical terms, female golf clubs are generally shorter, so this means that the bag that is used to wear them can also be shorter or smaller in size. This also means that the bag is probably lighter than a male equivalent.

Since golf is traditionally an older man, the bags also tend to be a bit conservative in design and color. This is an important difference in the female version.

The colors are probably more feminine, I would say that pink appears in one form or another. And if pink is not there, then there are more powerful colors – red or purple for example. You can also get a pattern fabric to make the bag. Paisley patterns are perhaps a 1980s fashion phenomenon (borrowed from the sixties, but a new look in golf equipment.

In short, a ladies golf bag must look good and serve the practical purpose of wearing your clubs over.

What else do you need in a golf bag

So outside it is a bit lighter and you can see what other things are essential for this essential tool, no matter for whom it is intended?

One thing that many people comment on is that the bag must have partitions inside so that the clubs do not get entangled up.This makes it easier to To get to a club and keep it in better shape, you want a maximum of 14 distributors in the bag to keep all clubs, even if you do not have 14 clubs to start with, the bag is built for expansion in case you the golfbug .

Having two handles and a shoulder strap is also important. The handles must be at the top and bottom of the bag, making it easy to load a cart in or out of a car. The attachment of the belt makes it easier if you plan to walk the job.

Other things that may not be considered are a compartment for storing cold drinks. This must be insulated so that the hot weather does not leave the drink flat and warm.

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