Booth ends seven-year European Tour title waiting for Czech Open

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Carly Booth made a shot of four players at Golf Resort Karlstejn Czech Ladies Open final leaderboard-9 C Booth (Sco); -8 C Thomson (Eng), H Davis (Eng), S Nuutinen (Fin), A Meysonnier (Fra); -6 O Cowan (Ger); -5 K Henry (Sco), L Murray (Sco), L Fuenfsteuck (Ger), K Lampert (Ger), A Suazon (Fra) Selected others: -4 E Givens (Eng); -1C Williams (Wal), L Hall (Wal); Level R Taylor (Sco)

The Carly Booth of Scotland was "overwhelmed by happiness" after finishing a seven-year wait for its third Ladies European Tour title with a one-off victory in the Czech Open.

Booth, who shared the lead in the final round, mapped a two-under-par 70 to finish at nine under par.

English pair Charlotte Thompson and Hayley Davis finished second with the Finnish Sanna Nuutinen and the French Anais Meysonnier.

"I was so surprised," said Booth, 27.

"I ran my par putt and came out of the last hole and had no idea I had won. After seven years, at finally getting another win is great. "

Scotland's Kyle Henry and Laura Murray were part of a five-fold draw for seventh place out of five.

Booth won its previous titles in 2012 at the Scottish and Swiss opens.

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