#1: Golf Cheat Sheet – The air/roll recommendation:

For each club and each swing speed the numbers on the sheet that are in the swing/club categories (i.e. gravity chip/PW or the pitching wedge) would indicate that with the gravity swing the distance in the air with a 7 o’clock gravity chip would be 13 paces or just over 10 yards (9 meters).

With this same shot the roll distance would be about 45% of the air distance or about 8 yards (7.5 meters). The diagram illustrates the different Air/Roll percentages for each club that you would be chipping with.

#2: Golf Cheat Sheet – The loft and effective loft:

Is the concept that will greatly help you in your short game. The same club whether hit from a level surface or an uphill or downhill surface, and into either a level, or uphill or downhill surface with exhibit a different effective loft in any given situation.

Gravity does not care which club you are using, or whether you are hitting uphill, downhill, or level shots. As shown in the illustration, hitting a 48 degree pitching wedge on a level surface is very different than hitting it either 10 degrees uphill, or downhill. Gravity is gravity no matter what club or situation we find ourselves in.

You can be hitting uphill to a flat green (not illustrated), or uphill or downhill green (not illustrated) and you still must account for the effective loft created by hitting uphill. The roll-out will change with the slope of the green but, the effective loft of the club will change in relation to gravity when hitting on an uphill or downhill surface. Study the illustration closely because it will help you avoid under-hits and over-hits with whatever club you choose to pitch or chip with.

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