Golf Sets Return Plans After Coronavirus Locking Restrictions Are Lifted

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Golf courses in the UK have been closed throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Plans to allow golfers to return to playing the game when coronavirus locking restrictions have eased should be submitted to the government.

Administrators have considered ways to play the sport in a safe environment and a draft document prepared by BBC Sport has been prepared with a series of recommendations.

They include playing groups of no more than two, where individual turns are turned off at least four meters apart, at least 10 minutes between groups and practice areas that remain closed.

Allegedly, the proposals will be submitted by the R&A and will be supported industry-wide by organizations such as England Golf, the Professional Golfers Association and other representative bodies.

In an email circulated Wednesday by England Golf, CEO Jeremy Tomlinson says, "Like everyone in golf has gathered in these uncertain times and gives me great optimism for the future.

"In all these challenging times, England Golf has worked like never before with our golf administration colleagues and presented a common front during many conversations. with the government.

"This collective approach has continued this week as we work with the government to find the right conditions for golf to return."

One of the proposals submitted is the removal of courses. of all bunker rakes and ball retrievers. Drinking fountains and ball washing machines should be covered and benches and tubs should be made inaccessible to players.

Flagpoles should not be touched and a hole liner should be used to prevent balls from falling below the surface of greens.

Starting times are subject to a booking system and players are not allowed on courses outside the specified periods. Club houses would remain closed and golfers should only leave their car 15 minutes before their start time.

Trolleys and carts are not for hire and the use of caddies is prohibited. A practice putting is only open to players who start their round.

It is recommended that once a player has thrown a green, he continues until the hole is completed before the next golfer hits to help maintain social distance.

Players would use their feet to smooth out bunkers without raking and it is recommended that they only play social match play rounds. The usual practice of exchanging score cards is not allowed.

Golf administrators are determined not to seem agitated for a hasty return to the game. They would not attempt to implement the recommendations until the government declares it safe to relax the coronavirus blockade.

For golf, the process is at a delicate stage and it is considered essential that sport is not seen as acting out of step with society as a whole.

However, there is a feeling within the game that it is an activity that can be performed within the parameters of social distance and that it may be one of the first participation sports to return after lockdown.

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