In PGA Tour's Rush to Move Forward, foreign pros lagged behind

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Scott, 39, that he will likely return to the tour at the World Golf Championships event in Memphis in late July. That's a week earlier than Italian star Francesco Molinari, who moved his family from London to the United States when the closure began. Due to the closure of most government offices, he was unable to complete the embassy paperwork he needed to complete the move.

Molinari, 37, now fully recovered from a back injury that kept him from defending his title at the Arnold Palmer Invitational in March expects his next tour to be the first controversial major of the year, the PGA Championship San Francisco.

Fleetwood, who has had regular contact with Molinari for the past three months, also decided to restart. Instead, he will turn his PGA Tour return into an extended summer vacation for the whole family next month. With his wife and sons in tow, Fleetwood travels to New York in mid-July, and after a two-week quarantine returns to the World Golf Championship tour. He plans to stay in the United States in late September.

Fleetwood said he initially questioned the ethics of jumping athletes forward for testing coronaviruses, robbing essential workers.

As testing has expanded, however, that concern has disappeared, but the health and well-being of his family remains a primary concern. His stepson Oscar has type 1 diabetes, which puts him at greater risk of becoming infected with the coronavirus.

Fleetwood said he could not imagine a situation where he would leave his family for three months to take care of himself while the pandemic has not gone ahead.

"" There are no easy answers if you live outside the United States, "said Fleetwood, saying he was somewhat frustrated that the official world rankings, which were frozen in mid-March, were unlocked when the PGA Tour re-opened. began, especially while other tours whose players are represented in the rankings remain suspended.

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