Patrick Reed & # 039; s lawyer warns golf channel analyst to stop claiming that his client & # 039; cheated & # 039;

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Brandel Chamblee accused Reed of cheating after having punished two strokes for appearing to improve his lie in a sand-waste area during the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas on December 6 .

Chamblee said on the wave channel on December 9: "Defending what Patrick Reed did is defending cheating."

But Reed denies that he cheated or tried to improve his lie. "If you do something unintentionally that breaks the rules, it is not considered cheating," he told reporters at the Presidential Cup in Melbourne, Australia on December 10.

Reed & # 39; s lawyer Peter Ginsberg sent the letter of December 13, to Chamblee. CNN has seen a copy of the letter.

"The purpose of this letter is to ensure that you will refrain from further distribution, publication or republishing of false and defamatory statements regarding Mr. Reed, including any allegations that he & # 39; "In the Hero World Challenge in the Bahamas & # 39; s," Ginsberg wrote.

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29-year-old Reed, who won the Masters in 2018, was shown on TV with a number of practice swings, flattening the sand behind his ball and improving club access.

The incident occurred on the 11th hole at Albany Golf Club and quickly became viral on social media. Reed, who was in the lead after two days, was called to discuss the incident with the line officials after his round and struck the penalty.

Reed claimed that the camera angle was misleading and said there was a clear gap between his swings and the ball.

He said to the wave channel: "It is my word against their word … You must accept it and move on."

& # 39; Expired Traditions of the Game & # 39;

The American was constantly hacked by fans in Royal Melbourne during the Presidential Cup the following week.

His caddy Kessler Karain – his brother-in-law – was thrown out of the tournament prior to the singles on Sunday due to a fight with a fan, according to the PGA Tour.

During last Sunday's Sentry Tournament of Champions on the PGA Tour, Reed was in the third hole of a sudden play-off against countryman Justin Thomas when a spectator in the stands behind the green was picked up on TV and "Cheater" Reed cried.

Golf Channel confirmed to CNN that Chamblee received the letter.

"The letter accuses weak and reckless remarks," Chamblee told ESPN. "My comments were weighed heavily before they came out of my mouth, and they were meant to address the bigger problem of what I believe to be the decaying traditions of the game.

" This game has always reached its peak had the belief that self-management gives the game its appeal. As far as we play the game for camaraderie. The self-governing tradition is slowly being replaced by a catch-me-if-you-can attitude.

"I think the entire golf world was looking at how the Reed incident was being treated. Including the young men and women who will soon be on their respective tours. As the catch-me-if-you-can attitude is permeated by junior golf, 10 years later it penetrates professional golf and that worries me. And was the origin of my comments. "

Reed also caused controversy after the Ryder Cup 2018 in France, when he publicly criticized had on captain Jim Furyk and teammate Jordan Spieth.

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