With precautions, golf is back. Quarrels score like this.

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Since many golfers like to bet a few dollars, or much more, on matches, determining the outcome of a putt or multiple putts by four players over 18 holes can have fights with financial consequences.

Dominic Namnath, who routinely plays with a group of 12 golfers at the Santa Barbara Golf Club in California, said such arguments are handled with common sense.

"When it hits the cup, it hits the cup. That's it," Namnath said.

But George Young, the longtime owner of the Bluffton Golf Club in Ohio, said golfers have suspended their major golf games there for the time being.

"I don't want to gamble much if someone doesn't have to worry about breaking a well and just ram it in and then say," Well, I'm hitting the hole " ;, & # 39; Young, a PGA golf professional for 47 years, said, "That's a big advantage."

Counting those putts as holed has undoubtedly dropped scores of thousands of golfers in recent months. , according to dozens of course operators and golfers interviewed last week, lower scores may seem like a good thing, but golf always has a consequence.When recent scores are recorded to calculate a golfer's handicap, the approximate average score of a golfer above par, the handicap number will drop, which could give a false impression of the golfer's ability.

But that can only happen if a golfer enters those recent, lower scores. golfers, who are the ge know or disapprove changed hole conditions, do not enter their scores. Their disabilities have not decreased. Golfers are expected to record virtually every round played to keep games, or regular foursome, fair. Golfers who do not place good scores become & # 39; sandbaggers & # 39; which sounds nicer than & # 39; cheater & # 39; but has roughly the same connotation.

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