Augusta's dream day waits for Soo

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Julienne Soo during her practice round at Champions Retreat in Augusta, Georgia.

Julienne Soo makes history this week as Australia's first representative at the newest and most famous amateur golf event, the Augusta National Women & # 39; s Amateur.

The 22-year-old is the only Australian in the 72-fold field and she hopes to win the entire game by closing the final round and becoming the first female Australian to play a tournament round at Augusta National Golf Club.

"It's a very big carrot," Soo said Tuesday.

"I want to reach the last 30 [players]but I don't want to think too much about it because it's Augusta.

"If I put too much pressure on myself, I will probably get too nervous."

Two round playing rounds at Champions Retreat Golf Club determine which 30 women will play in & # 39; the world's most famous layout for Saturday's final.

Fortunately, all players can play Augusta in a practice round on Friday, which means that there will be no dream or dream-breaking six-footed friend on Wednesday afternoon.

"I think that's the best thing, we can play it no matter what happens," says Soo.

"I would like to make that round, but I am super excited to see the course in general."

Soo, approaching the end of her time at Oklahoma University as a successful member of the women's team, qualified on the back of her world ranking this week.

The Victorian rightly feels at home this week against a field full of international talent and the brightest young stars of American college golf.

Much of the discussion in the run-up has taken place on how Augusta National will set its course on Saturday for & # 39; the world's leading female amateurs.

But on the back of a downpour on Tuesday morning, talking about the changing rooms and press areas was the layout of the Champions Retreat, with Soo and World No. 1 Jennifer Kupcho also surprised by how long the track played.

"I think it should dry up the next few days, so it will play a little shorter," says Soo.

"After the rain it played so long, we all had 3-wood and hybrids in par-4s."

The sturdiness of the Champions Retreat greens is again a pleasant surprise for Soo in a week of them, after growing up on the Melbourne sand band and playing some of her best golf in tough conditions.

"Even with all that rain it's pretty slippery," says Soo.

"I'm sure if they get really strong, it will go as fast as Royal Melbourne.

"That is probably the part that I am most comfortable in. They are so smooth and sturdy that it is easy to read. They roll very smoothly which could be good for me."

Perhaps a dream-ready six-foot pedestal might not be such a big task.

Soo kickstarts her week on the 10th tee at 10 a.m. local time on Wednesday (01:00 Thursday morning AEDT) alongside the American Sierra Brooks and the Seo-yun Kwon in Korea.

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